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Month: September 2006

Make it stop

Hands-down, the absolute worst part about Sunday night football moving to NBC… Pink’s opening number. Ick, yawn, uck. Make it stop!

Angela’s football roundup!

Things are really heating up in my Fantasy League and I am finally riding high after last year’s nightmare. Last year, in what I thought was my lucky day, I was able to draft Daunte Culpepper with, as everyone knows, disastrous results. Looks like he’s sucking it up again this year but it makes no difference to me. I have solid depth at QB with Peyton Manning and Rex Grossman. Oh yeah, baby.

Another part of our fantasy league is picking the game winners which, I’m going to brag like a Mofo, I was 14 and 2 last week. I had selected the Giants over Philly and the Jags over Pitt-y. 😉 If only Daunte Culpepper didn’t suck it up and if only the Rams showed up to play, I would have correctly selected all 16 winners. To add to my cockiness confidence, I even did better than my dad, the NFL pundit himself. Although he picked NYG and Jacksonville, he also selected Miami, Kansas City, and Green Bay. Ha ha, Dad. The student has surpassed the teacher!

randymoss Don’t worry about my dad though. He’s making a new prediction regarding the Patriots wide receivers. My dad, the genius armchair-GM, who once correctly predicted Corey Dillon would come to New England two years before it actually happened is now predicting a superstar move, something I think is so shocking, it’s difficult to imagine it happening. My dad is predicting the Patriots will make a trade for Randy Moss. Yes, that Randy Moss. My dad is contending that the Patriots, with an extra first round draft pick, might try to make a deal with Al “George Steinbrenner is my hero” Davis to bring the troubled wide receiver to New England. I swear, when my dad made the Dillon prediction, I thought he was crazy. He might just be on to something here. Everyone knows the Oakland Raiders’ season was over before it even started. We’ll just have to see.

Football and stuff

Ah, what a day! Today, I don’t have to go to work until 11 a.m., giving me the morning to just relax. How weird, being able to have my coffee, watch the news, and be alone! I know if I lived by myself I’d die of loneliness but I’ll take mornings like this anyday.

MY Patriots beat their archrivals, the New York Jets, 24-17. I was remarkably surprised to see quarterback Tom Brady passing the ball because, according to most columnists and analysts, I thought the Patriots had traded away their only wide receiver, Deion Branch. Go figure. I was also surprised to see the Patriots defense play well because, according to most columnists and analysts, the Patriots traded away their only wide receiver, Deion Branch. Go figure, the Patriots can still win a game without him. I’m as shocked as you are, I’m sure.

I’ve become so addicted to the NFL that my boyfriend has become a football widower. I wish he’d watch the games with me but he looks at professional sports watching as a social affair – watching with the guys over a few beers. It’s weird that, despite being a girl obsessed with sports, I’ve found it difficult to find a MAN to share in my passion. Go figure. I’m beginning to question whether guys even like sports at all.

Branch is gone. Who cares?

So, as I’m sure everyone has heard, Deion is now a Seattle Seahawk. Despite our severely lacking depth at wide receiver, I really am NOT sorry to see him go. I’ve never been much of a Branch fan. I remember his first ever preseason game with the Patriots (Giants, August 02) and my dad kept commenting on him and all I could think was “meh”. His end zone antics border on cocky and the only reason he was awarded Super Bowl MVP was because 1.) They wouldn’t give it to Brady three times in a row and 2.) they will never award Rodney Harrison (the unofficial MVP) with something like this.

Like Mr. BW once said about the difference between the Branch hold out and the Seymour hold out from last year: Branch may be the best receiver the Patriots have, but unlike Seymour being the best at his position, Branch is average at best when compared to the rest of the NFL.

He held out of camp, breaking a contract the he had signed. He complained that the Pats wouldn’t compensate him for being one of the league’s best, then complained when the Pats wouldn’t accepted a trade worthy for an average 2nd rounder.

Although Matt Hassleback is a good QB, Branch is going to realize soon Tom Brady’s ability to make average receivers look like the are worth a million bucks, or $39 mil with a $13 mil bonus, to be specific.

Kickoff ’06

pat patriot I’m little more than three hours away from the start of my 12th season as a Patriots’ fan. I’m too excited to relax. My dad and I have spent the morning racing through the house, getting everything clean for the game. If cleanliness is next to godliness, we must be prepared to please the football gods. We’ve dusting off our jerseys (Bruschi for him, Harrison for me) and we have rehearsed our TD celebration dance. The only task that remains is the ceremonial lighting of the Shrine candles, which we won’t do until gametime. Laugh all you want, but these things are critical to a Patriots victory. Don’t believe me? Since perfecting our gametime routine, the Patriots have won four AFC titles, three Super Bowl Championships and countless playoff victories. It’s just a coincidence that this concedes with Bill Belichick’s tenure and Tom Brady’s presence. Seriously.

So, what am I expecting to see today? Hopefully, a lot of running from Laurence Maroney, a lot of passes to Ben Watson, and a lot of crying from J.P. Losman.

This is football season. Nothing else matters. Nothing. 😀

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