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Make it stop

24 September 2006


Hands-down, the absolute worst part about Sunday night football moving to NBC… Pink’s opening number. Ick, yawn, uck. Make it stop!

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Angela’s football roundup!

23 September 2006


Things are really heating up in my Fantasy League and I am finally riding high after last year’s nightmare. Last year, in what I thought was my lucky day, I was able to draft Daunte Culpepper with, as everyone knows, disastrous results. Looks like he’s sucking it up again this year but it makes no […]

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Football and stuff

18 September 2006


Ah, what a day! Today, I don’t have to go to work until 11 a.m., giving me the morning to just relax. How weird, being able to have my coffee, watch the news, and be alone! I know if I lived by myself I’d die of loneliness but I’ll take mornings like this anyday. MY […]

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Branch is gone. Who cares?

15 September 2006


So, as I’m sure everyone has heard, Deion is now a Seattle Seahawk. Despite our severely lacking depth at wide receiver, I really am NOT sorry to see him go. I’ve never been much of a Branch fan. I remember his first ever preseason game with the Patriots (Giants, August 02) and my dad kept […]

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Kickoff ’06

10 September 2006


I’m little more than three hours away from the start of my 12th season as a Patriots’ fan. I’m too excited to relax. My dad and I have spent the morning racing through the house, getting everything clean for the game. If cleanliness is next to godliness, we must be prepared to please the football […]

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