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Kickoff ’06

pat patriot I’m little more than three hours away from the start of my 12th season as a Patriots’ fan. I’m too excited to relax. My dad and I have spent the morning racing through the house, getting everything clean for the game. If cleanliness is next to godliness, we must be prepared to please the football gods. We’ve dusting off our jerseys (Bruschi for him, Harrison for me) and we have rehearsed our TD celebration dance. The only task that remains is the ceremonial lighting of the Shrine candles, which we won’t do until gametime. Laugh all you want, but these things are critical to a Patriots victory. Don’t believe me? Since perfecting our gametime routine, the Patriots have won four AFC titles, three Super Bowl Championships and countless playoff victories. It’s just a coincidence that this concedes with Bill Belichick’s tenure and Tom Brady’s presence. Seriously.

So, what am I expecting to see today? Hopefully, a lot of running from Laurence Maroney, a lot of passes to Ben Watson, and a lot of crying from J.P. Losman.

This is football season. Nothing else matters. Nothing. 😀


Things I hate – #528


Branch is gone. Who cares?


  1. Hmm. I always thought it was my Patriots socks that did it. Maybe it is a combination. Good to get the win today!

  2. I don’t care what y’all have to do. The Patriots better have the best record this year, or else I’m out $20.

  3. You’ve said nothing on the Deion Branch bullshit. why?

  4. Angela

    I know, Doug. I’ve been so busy. Expect my comments on the situation tomorrow.

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