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Branch is gone. Who cares?

So, as I’m sure everyone has heard, Deion is now a Seattle Seahawk. Despite our severely lacking depth at wide receiver, I really am NOT sorry to see him go. I’ve never been much of a Branch fan. I remember his first ever preseason game with the Patriots (Giants, August 02) and my dad kept commenting on him and all I could think was “meh”. His end zone antics border on cocky and the only reason he was awarded Super Bowl MVP was because 1.) They wouldn’t give it to Brady three times in a row and 2.) they will never award Rodney Harrison (the unofficial MVP) with something like this.

Like Mr. BW once said about the difference between the Branch hold out and the Seymour hold out from last year: Branch may be the best receiver the Patriots have, but unlike Seymour being the best at his position, Branch is average at best when compared to the rest of the NFL.

He held out of camp, breaking a contract the he had signed. He complained that the Pats wouldn’t compensate him for being one of the league’s best, then complained when the Pats wouldn’t accepted a trade worthy for an average 2nd rounder.

Although Matt Hassleback is a good QB, Branch is going to realize soon Tom Brady’s ability to make average receivers look like the are worth a million bucks, or $39 mil with a $13 mil bonus, to be specific.


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  1. gambitNJ4CA

    Tom Brady is going doooooooooooooooooooooooown this weekend!! Oooooooooooooooooooooooh Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!!

  2. Angela

    Yes, Tom Brady is going down to New Jersey to beat the jets. You are correct.

  3. Ha ha! That is awesome. Nice repsonse Angela!


  4. gambitNJ4CA

    Oh Angela… this is OUR year FINALLY, you must see thru the clouds up there in Mass… We will conquour the Pats this weekend, ooooooooh yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!

  5. The only thing Brady is going down on this weekend is Bridget Moynahan after the game.

    Angela, I think you’re right about the Branch situation. It sounds like I was a little higher on him than you were but I feel about the same about the whole situation.

    I like how Bill Simmons put it today,

    “Seattle made one of the all-time panic trades, barely beating the Lions in Detroit, then panicking and ponying up an unprotected No. 1 for Deion Branch 24 hours later. Now, I like Deion Branch. Great teammate, great guy, came through in some big playoff games. But he’s a possession receiver, rarely makes big plays (only five TDs last year) and dropped a surprising amount of balls last year. He’s a slightly better, younger version of Bobby Engram …

    (As for the Patriots, apparently their season is over because they don’t have an elite receiver anymore … even though they won the Super Bowl five years ago with Troy Brown and David Patten as the starters and Fred Coleman as the No. 3 guy. Gimme a break. I wrote last week that I would have taken a No. 2 for Branch and been done with it. Getting a No. 1 was gravy. He was valuable, but he wasn’t invaluable. There’s a difference.)”

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