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Ah, what a day! Today, I don’t have to go to work until 11 a.m., giving me the morning to just relax. How weird, being able to have my coffee, watch the news, and be alone! I know if I lived by myself I’d die of loneliness but I’ll take mornings like this anyday.

MY Patriots beat their archrivals, the New York Jets, 24-17. I was remarkably surprised to see quarterback Tom Brady passing the ball because, according to most columnists and analysts, I thought the Patriots had traded away their only wide receiver, Deion Branch. Go figure. I was also surprised to see the Patriots defense play well because, according to most columnists and analysts, the Patriots traded away their only wide receiver, Deion Branch. Go figure, the Patriots can still win a game without him. I’m as shocked as you are, I’m sure.

I’ve become so addicted to the NFL that my boyfriend has become a football widower. I wish he’d watch the games with me but he looks at professional sports watching as a social affair – watching with the guys over a few beers. It’s weird that, despite being a girl obsessed with sports, I’ve found it difficult to find a MAN to share in my passion. Go figure. I’m beginning to question whether guys even like sports at all.

8 thoughts on “Football and stuff

  1. Your BF must be gay then, does he go into the next room and watch soaps while you watch sports? Btw, nice game… We ALMOST made a helluva comeback at the end!

  2. Wow the Pats managed to give me a heart attack in that one. Imagine if they had Deion Branch, that would never have happened I’m sure. Ha.

    Your boyfriend does not watch the Pats games with you? Wierd. Don’t tell me he’s in the other room watching Lifetime, because then there’s really something wrong there 😉

  3. He was in the other room watching Lifetime w/ a box of tissues and he was wrapped in a blanket in fetal position

  4. I too was going to make a “Angelas boyfriend is gay” joke. But then I realized that he actually has sex with Angela, while I simply get to post comments to her blog.

    Touche Angelas boyfriend, well played.

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