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Make it stop

Hands-down, the absolute worst part about Sunday night football moving to NBC… Pink’s opening number. Ick, yawn, uck. Make it stop!


Angela’s football roundup!


The Patriots visit Cincinnati and Angela gets hungry


  1. I wondered who that was destroying a perfectly good Joan Jett tune.

    This game is killing me by the way

  2. Angela

    UGH… this game is a yawn-fest. I’m too bored to even be angry or disappointed.

  3. That was painful to watch. I hate this topic, as you know, but we need a receiver. Brown / Caldwell as your 1 and 2 is not getting it done.

  4. Worse than Brady pouting the whole game? I guess I’d be pissed if they got rid of my WR’s too *shrug*

  5. Angela

    I’d just like to know, is it really a hamstring keeping Chad Jackson on the sidelines? Maybe a lack of understanding the playbook is more an explanation?

  6. Tweety

    My god, is she not the apitomy of trailer trash? What a joke! These guys that play the game are suppose to be role models and then they stick her pig face, potty mouth on my TV? Shes just nasty.

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