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The Patriots visit Cincinnati and Angela gets hungry

My dad would like to officially apologize to all of Patriots Nation for the so-so performance of the New England Patriots until today. You see, this morning my dad remembered that he forgot to put his lucky Patriots gold chain back on after a hospital stay last month. You might remember when I mentioned our critical formula of success, and my dad’s gold chain is another crucial element in that formula. He made sure to put it on right before kickoff and I think it’s fairly obvious how important that chain is. Take that, skeptics!

Whenever I watch the Cincinnati Bengals it makes me crave Frosted Flakes. Does that happen to anyone else?


Make it stop


Day after


  1. Dude…tell your Dad to keep that chain on! hehe

  2. Yes. Good thing! Keep that chain on!

    On a side note, I heard Dillon got fined for throwing the ball into the stands? What was so bad about that? I don’t get the NFL sometimes…

  3. Angela

    Don\’t worry, my dad will keep his chain on. He\’s forgotten to put his chain back on in the past with disasterous results. San Diego in \’03, Indy last year. My dad\’s going senile, I\’m going to have to make sure he wears his chain.

    I\’m glad the NFL\’s got their priorities straight. Haynesworth can assault a fellow player, nearly blinding him, but God Forbid, Corey Dillon threw away a football! And by the way, I don\’t care if Peyton Manning himself threw a football to me in the stands, I\’d keep that frickin football.

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