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Day after

Life is so much better after a Patriots victory. It’s as if the clouds part, the sun shines down and despite all the misery that is my life, I am happy. I can actually enjoy the week’s remaining football games, I can happily read the newspaper without fear of accidentally catching a glance of an unfavorable Patriots article, and the week doesn’t drag along while I wait for the next game. I swear, today the birds were chirping louder, the sun was shining brighter and my coffee tasted better. I love the day after a convincing Patriots win!


The Patriots visit Cincinnati and Angela gets hungry


Football is the only thing of importance in my life… how sad


  1. I’m with you chicky…I almost can’t stomach reading the paper when the Pats loose as everyone seems about ready to jump off the Tobin bridge when there is a loss.

  2. I was in a good mood too, even though it was Monday, thanks to The Pats.

  3. gambitNJ4CA

    You should try quit smoking either during the game or afterwards.. Then tell me how pleasant your Monday morning is! 🙂

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