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Football is the only thing of importance in my life… how sad

My father was happier than could be at this morning’s Boston Herald Sport’s headline, Moss could grow on Pats. The article discusses the benefits Randy Moss would have on the Patriots should the team make a move today to bring him here. You might remember last month when my dad, the genius armchair-GM predicted a trade for Randy Moss. I have to admit, I was shocked when he first made this prediction, but to merely see others discussing the possibly blows my mind at my dad’s prophetic vision. And like I said in the past, my dad did accurately predict Corey Dillon coming to New England two years before it happened. Even if it doesn’t happen, my dad gets to gloat and brag for the day.

I think my Fantasy team was demolished last night, thanks in full to the “splendid” play of Rex Grossman, the QB I had to start in place of Peyton Manning. Gah… of course Grossman has worst game of the year during the one week I needed to start him.

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  1. Though he’d be monay for the pats…I just can’t see it happening

  2. Angela

    Well, like I said before, my dad first mentioned Corey Dillon should come here after Cincinnati killed us in 2001. When my dad says something about the Patriots, it almost always comes true. It’s freaky.

  3. I can see it happening after the season. It’s not over yet.

  4. Angela

    Could you imagine Brady with a receiver like that?!

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