I’m so anxious for tonight’s match up between the Colts and the Patriots, it seems like an eternity until 8 o’clock.

When I went to get coffee this morning, I saw a few men wearing Colts hats and I was reminded of the night before the AFC Championship a few years back.

I was still working at the restaurant and we had a party of six men from Indiana who were in town for the game. To call them obnoxious would be an understatement. They taunted every customer sitting in their vicinity; they yelled and laughed at anyone daring enough to walk past their table wearing a Patriots cap. “You guys are gonna get fucking killed tomorrow,” they screamed. One of my customers walked to their table and said, “I hope you have a nice time while in Boston, but the Colts are going to lose tomorrow and it’s not nice for you to be so rude.” History reminds us of what actually did happen the following day… Ty Law alone had three interceptions!

Last year’s loss to the Colts was not a fluke… the Patriots hobbled into that game. Also, my dad was in the hospital – he wasn’t wearing his Patriots gold chain that, we have witnessed, is VITAL to a Patriots victory. 😉

Tonight also marks the return of Adam Vinatieri. Unlike Johnny Damon’s return to Fenway, I don’t anticipate any booing when he walks onto the field. Adam might be preparing for an unfavorable response by the crowd but I just don’t see it happening. It would be nice if he missed a kick or two tonight. 😀

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