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Angela loves her Patriots, always and forever

You might be wondering, “How did Angela survive an afternoon away from a tv with the Patriots on it?” Have no fear, friends. My dad convinced me that those in my life who schedule events on Sundays during football season are not friends at all! What’s more, those that schedule an event on a Sunday during the Playoffs…. they’re just downright evil. He assured me, no one would notice my absence at the church portion of the wedding. So, I skipped the church. I didn’t see any exchange of vows, no walk down the aisle, etc. My dad also told me he’d skip my wedding if I scheduled it on a Sunday during football season. As cold as it sounds, he means it. To his credit, though, he knows I would never, ever get married on a Sunday during football season.

In my 15 years of Patriots/football fandom, I’ve missed many parties, occasions, work opportunities. This has nothing to do with the friend that got married today. I love her with all my heart and I arrived at the reception on time. To know me is to know that I hold the Patriots above just about anything in my life.

“It’s just a game, Angela,” you might say but to me, it’s my passion. It’s the one thing in life that I can just enjoy. It doesn’t cost money, it doesn’t stress me out. I am able to vent all the previous week’s frustrations while screaming at the tv. For four hours each week, I have an affair with my 53 boys… they are the love of my life. One love… Patriots Nation forever! Now, bring on the Chargers.

Now, I will observe a moment of silence to mourn the untimely end of Tiki Barber’s career. *tear* Tiki is one of my favorite non-Patriots players. I’m going to miss chanting, “Teeeeeee Keeeeey! Teeeeeee Keeeeey! Teeeeeee Keeeeey!” He’ll make a great addition to any pre-game analysis crew.


Playoff time


It’s only Tuesday


  1. it is *never* “just a game”!! but i have to admit, this Chargers game scares the bejeezus out of me — especially without Rodney Harrison.

  2. I feel pretty much the same way, but in a very manly way of course 😉

    I wish I could say that I don’t get stressed out though. I was a wreck for most of the game. Even though the Pats had the lead for most of the game I never felt comfortable about it. Once they went up by 2 TDs I was able to breathe normally again.

  3. You are too funny… though, there are certain hockey teams that I would be the same way for. LOL

  4. Angela

    I get stressed, but it’s a good stress. It’s not like a, “Oh crap, my car’s registration expires on the same day as my inspection sticker and I owe $60 in excise tax, $150 in parking tickets, and my muffler is broken.”

  5. Meow

    My daughter had a birthday party on Sunday, from 12:30 to 2:30. Fortunately, it was only a 3-minute drive from my house. It was the fastest birthday-pickup ever.

    As the lone Patriots fanatic in my entire extended family, I can say you’re lucky to be surrounded by understanding people. Everyone I’m related to thinks that I’m insane. But they also know not to call me during game time, and NEVER schedule anything during playoffs!

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