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It’s only Tuesday

I’ve given myself the opportunity to absorb the Patriots’ current situation. It’s been very difficult in recent years to NOT take the Pats and their success for granted. So, as it stands… one down, three more to go.

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First, I’d like to welcome the fairweather fans back to Patriots Nation. Hi, guys! I’ve missed you all since last year’s playoffs! So much has happened since we last saw each other! Deion Branch is a Seahawk, Adam Vinatieri is a Colt (I know, I was bummed, too), Junior Seau played here (I swear, I’m not kidding. He really did play here), and Rodney Harrison returned from injury, got injured again, returned from injury, and got injured again.

Now that we are all caught up, I was pretty disappointed when I saw a bunch of messages from Chargers fans discussing the Patriots’ level of suckitude. How disappointing, guys. I expect this from Eagles fans, but you?! Anyway, the largest argument, even above the “L.T. rules” one, was the fact the “AFC East sucks.” I would like to point out that, not only were the Chargers awarded the precious gift of playing the hopeless Oakland Raiders twice, they also played pre-Vince Young Tennessee, as well as the Who-the-hell-is-Charlie-Frye Cleveland Browns, as well as Arizona. They played Buffalo just like us, too. So, there!

If the Patriots can contain L.T. (there is no stopping L.T.), pressure Philip “I sure as hell ain’t Drew Brees” Rivers, and pass like they did last week, I think there is a good chance we will be headed to Baltimore for the AFC Championship. Like how I already ruled out Indy? Ha ha.


Angela loves her Patriots, always and forever


Patriots vs Chargers PreGame


  1. ::shudder:: fair weather fans.

    ::tremble:: L.T.

    ::giggle:: Peyton playing in Baltimore. think they can make him cry?

  2. I’d rather play Indy than the Ravens!

  3. Oh hi there fairweather fans!

    100% agree the key will be containing L.T. I heard Belichick talking a lot about last year’s game vs The Chargers and hopefully they will get some useful information from that game.

    Also, hopefully Marty Shottenhiemer has his usual playoff mentality this Sunday.

  4. Angela

    I’d much rather play Indy than Baltimore.

  5. Please make sure the lucky gold chain shined up and ready to go for Sunday.

  6. Matt

    “Like how I already ruled out Indy? Ha ha.”

    Ha ha indeed! Good luck next week, you’ll need it. Again.

  7. Angela

    How was I to know the Baltimore offense was going to lay a golden egg on the field?

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