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Woah, Patriots beat Chargers 24-21

Wow. The New England Patriots, MY NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS just beat the best team in the NFL. Wow. I’m shaking so hard, it’s incredibly difficult to even type this. I wanted the Pats to win but San Diego was/is a formidable foe… probably the best.

Kristina gets the game ball today. She came home early in the third quarter and it was all downhill from there. Kristina is known for her good luck. She was our lucky charm.

I think I’m going to faint.


Patriots vs Chargers PreGame


Give me a break – San Diego edition


  1. i don’t think i breathed from half time til the game was really over…

  2. LOL That’s awesome!! Oh, that means the road is going to be full of angry drivers tonight here in Southern Cali. LOL I love it.

  3. Of course, you do realize that this means if both of our teams go to the Super Bowl, I have to ignore you until it’s over.

    Now I’m going taunt Jim…

  4. Wow what a game. I am glad that gold chain was in full effect 😉

    I literally had the whole house decked out in Pats stuff to try and achieve the maximum level of good football karma possible.

    AFC CHAMPIONSHIP. How awesome is this? 🙂

  5. Angela

    Well, I personally don’t want the Patriots to play New Orleans because you know the entire country, with the sole exception of New England, would be rooting for NO. Yikes…

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