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Angela loves Troy Brown

Here we go again… my nerves get going, my stomach gets churning… it must be almost kickoff time. What is life like for those who do not cherish football, or any sport for that matter? What gets them excited? What thrills them? Do they know what they’re missing? Do they care? Probably not.

Currently, the Bears are beating the Saints. It’s only adding to my anxiety. Why am I constantly being tortured by the NFL schedulers?

Troy Brown back in 1998. Photograph by Me with a primitive 35mm camera

Should the Patriots lose tonight, this game could be the last for Troy Brown. It’s going to be a real turning point for me and my Patriots-fan-dom when Troy retires. Troy has developed as a player as I have developed as a fan. The Troy-Angela love affair began back in the days when he backed up Terry Glenn. Whenever Glenn had some stupid injury, hangnail, eyelash in his eye, whatever, Troy stepped in and stepped up.

I also met Troy back in 1998. There was a very small line at his autograph signing. Can you imagine what the line would be like today? Wow. Troy was a rookie when I started watching. He’s always been there. I’ve watched many players come and go in that time… Drew Bledsoe, Ty Law, Big Play Willie Clay, Shawn Jefferson, Andy Katzemoyer (remember that dude!?)… and Troy has been the constant. If and when Troy goes, it will be the end of a bygone era.

It’s official, Bears vs. ???… Super Bowl XLI. I guess the Saints go marching home?


Conference Championship Sunday


It’s over


  1. Jim

    The Bears did their part, now it’s time for your Pats to bring on the SB XX re-match!!!

  2. IS THE GOLD CHAIN ON!? Make sure! GO PATS

  3. Well, it looks like he retired today. I think Troy will be remembered for a long time around here and it won’t be long before he ends up in the Patriots Hall of Fame.

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