Here we are… in a few hours, the Patriots will play for a spot in their sixth Super Bowl in team history. As if the season was scripted to make for the best storylines, the Patriots will travel to their Biggest rival on this decade, Indianapolis. How exciting! The hours leading up to this game are going to drag ooooooooooon and oooooooooooon.

Yesterday, my dad and I watched the rebroadcast of Super Bowl 36 (Thanks, NFL Network!). It’s hard to believe how long ago that was! It still, despite the following Super Bowl championships, remains as the greatest day/moment of my life. I always say, I better have one hell of a cute baby someday to ever top that rush of emotions. I kid, I kid… or do I?

So, do I think the Patriots can beat the Colts? Of course I do! Do I care about Vinatieri sitting on the opposition’s bench? Nope, not at all. Hell, anything can happen… who knows. I know I want the Patriots to win more than anything, but obviously there’s a fan sitting in Indianapolis that yearns for a victory as much as I do. I do know that the Patriots beat the best team in the NFL in the San Diego Chargers.

I’ll stop the anxious rambling to wish Kristina’s boyfriend, Rob a happy birthday! Love ya, Rob!