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Day Three Surviving

I’ve successfully managed to avoid ANY football coverage at all! So much so that I learned of the Oakland Raiders new head coach from Mistress Carrie on WAAF. I get so much more accomplished at work now that I’m not browsing all day.

It’s weird though, I’m not as bummed out as I thought I’d be.


It’s over


Super Bowl possibilities


  1. i have avoided all media too. i just was told about Bill Parcells retiring. and i am not as bummed out as i thought i would be… but i am afraid that if Peyton wins in Miami, eventually it will hurt when i catch a glimpse of him with the Lombardi Trophy one day. =/

  2. I avoided Boston sports writers for the past few days. This year, in many ways, felt like a rebuilding year to me…especially without having a great #1 WR, losing BOTH safteys and our starting middle linebacker. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if Brady has surgery at somepoint…his throws were off all year.

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