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My dad is getting a blog

I’ve decided to give the internet and the NFL community a huge gift – I bought my dad his very own domain for his very own football blog. I present…. Nothing is there at the moment but soon one will find my dad’s thoughts/opinions/judgments about the New England Patriots. It will also include a more detailed tour of The Shrine.

He swears to me that he knew Corey Dillon was leaving the Patriots two weeks ago but didn’t say anything. Now, he’ll have documented proof.

I’ll let everyone know when it’s completed. 😀

Live from the NFL Scouting Combine


…okay, not “live” but it is on my TV. I love the NFL’s Scouting Combine. It’s a fascinating look at the inner workings of the NFL. If you are not familiar with the Combine, it’s essentially an opportunity for players to showcase their talents and abilities in front of coaches, scouts, and GMs before the Draft. Players are run through various drills and tests, have their bodies measured, poked, and prodded, and partake in interviews and IQ tests.

My personal favorite is when the Offensive Linemen run their drills. By appearance alone, these guys look like they should be sitting on a couch with a remote in one hand, scratching their balls with the other, and a bag of Doritos resting on their massive bellies. Then, you watch them run the 40 yard dash in 5 seconds, race around in agility drills and make 40 reps lifting more than 200 pounds. Wow. I’ve always had a special place in my heart for Offensive Linemen… it’s an All-Guts, No Glory position. They are in the trenches all game, they rarely receive the spotlight but without them, even the best QBs, receivers, and running backs would be nothing.

Yesterday, the Combine analysts were discussing how massive these guys are. One of the offensive linemen trying out had arms that measure 39 1/2 inches long. HOLY SHIT! I had to pull out a tape measure and, low and behold, this guy’s arms are longer than my legs. I’m fairly short, but no matter… those are some freakin’ long arms.

corey dillon

While watching the Combine, I always try to remember a player or two and watch where he is drafted and his progress throughout the following season. I’m never able to remember. This year, I believe I might be able to, with one special guy named Manny Ramirez. I thought my dad was joking when he said, “Hey look, there’s Manny Ramirez!” I thought he was cracking a joke about the Red Sox very own, Manny, being anywhere BUT Spring Training. Nope, he’s an entirely different guy. How funny would it be for the Patriots to draft him… we could have Dueling Mannys!

In Patriots’ news, Corey Dillon decided he no longer wants to be a Patriots. When he initially said he wanted to retire, I knew that was complete bullshit. Corey Dillon is not the type of guy who’s going share the spotlight with some youngin’.

I’m not too sad to see him go. Aside from his first year here, he hasn’t really done much of anything, besides a lot of dancing and making some critical fumbles. When discussing Dillon’s role on the team, Boston Herald’s Mike Felger said it best…“His work is already done.” Bye, Corey!

So, where will he go now? Oakland?

Tag, you’re it, Samuel

The last few days have been trying, at best. To avoid going into the most personal of details, my boyfriend and I are going to be unable to see each other for a few weeks. Times like these are what make football so important to me… each game is a chance for me to vent my stress. I have something to focus my energy on, instead of the stress.

With that said, I was thankful to read that the Patriots gave Asante Samuel the franchise tag. It would break my heart to see him go to another team. It would be Lawyer Milloy all over again.

I have a sense of pride whenever I think about the progress Samuel has made over the years. It was me, after all, that made the first call about his future greatness. My dad can attest to that… since the first time I saw him play in ’03, I just knew he’d be something. Each year, he has improved, both mentally and physically, and is quickly developing into a premium DB, in a class with the likes of Champ Bailey. I’m oh-so proud. *tear*

Signing Asante Samuel is crucial to the long-term success of the team, in my opinion, of course. Whereas, I truly did not feel Deion Branch was worth what he wanted, Samuel is coming into his own and he will prove that value in the coming seasons. Besides, wide receivers are a dime a dozen (especially when you have a quarterback like Tom Brady); a top cornerback, on the other hand, is something much more crucial. If anything, I would think that cornerback is the most difficult of positions, second only to quarterback.

But, what the hell do I know? I’m just a girl…. right?

Is it time for Training Camp yet?

Alright, so everyone up in dez parts is readying up for “Truck Day” (the day when the Red Sox equipment truck leaves for Florida), the Celtics now hold the worst record in of the entire NBA, and the NHL is still on strike (oh, they’re playing again? Oops.). What the hell am I supposed to do until July?!

It might be getting redundant for you, my wonderful website reader, for me to constantly complain about having no football on Sundays. I’m sure you’re all sick of my whining. “Okay, Angela. We get it… you miss football.” Bear with me here… this is my first Sunday with nothing. *sigh*

So, I decided to make a list of things I can do to take my mind off of the lack of NFL, and keep myself busy until Training Camp.

1. Get a job for the weekends. It can’t hurt, I’ll be too busy whining about work to think about missing football.

2. Take up mountain biking. I’ll burn calories and be in great physical shape for next season. Hey, cheering and screaming at the TV requires a lot of energy, ya know.

3. Get into NASCAR. I could try my hardest to overlook the fact that they are just driving around a big circle over and over and over and over and over…. who am I kidding? I hate NASCAR.

4. Develop alcoholism. A 30-pack a day should suffice. I’ll be too drunk to care about football.

5. Watch the rebroadcast of Super Bowl 36 that I tivoed every Sunday and pretend that it is, in fact, still football season.

If all else fails, I could always just spend time with my family and friends. They all get neglected during the season. Poor babies.

Superstition meets the blogosphere

I have mentioned in the past our deeply rooted superstitions regarding Patriots games. The most used, and the one with the longest tradition, is the offensive cigarette (no, I don’t mean the cigarette is meant to ‘offend’; it is for Patriots’ OFFENSIVE series). My dad tells me that this tradition started when he was a season ticket holder. Whenever the Patriots entered the redzone, he would light a cigarette and he would have to keep the cigarette lit, while smoking it, until the Patriots scored.

Superstitions are weird… sometimes during a game, I’ll start biting my nails and, all of a sudden, the Patriots play better, which in turn tells me to continue biting my nails. It must be the only thing that is helping the Patriots play well! As ridiculous as it sounds, and as much as I know better, when it’s game time and things aren’t going the way I want them to, to think that something I am doing is positively affecting the game helps me feel as if I am an active participant in the game.

This season, I accidentally developed a new superstition while browsing the internet during a game.

During the season, I am an obsessive Fantasy Football manager. I’m lucky enough to have a small laptop computer to rest perfectly on the coffee table in front of me. During games, I keep’s gamecenter open and actively check all the live stats of my team’s players.

In the first Miami-Patriots contest, the Pats just weren’t playing well. I was really getting concerned they were going to lose. I was so stressed out, on a commercial break, I casually started browsing the internet and stumbled upon an article by John Chow. I kept reading his site, and, miraculously, the Patriots starting playing better, ultimately winning.

John’s site is so interesting, and with Sunday being one of the few days I have to actually browse the internet, it became habit to start browsing his site for good luck. I’d still have the NFL gamecenter open, but thanks to Firefox, I had open in another tab. The new “John Chow formula” was simple: I had to read his posts during the game, and they could only be new posts; I couldn’t just re-read the same old ones. Lucky for me, John updates his site frequently which left me lots of content to help give the Patriots good luck. is the aptly named site of John Chow, the founder of A resident of Vancouver, Canada, his blog focuses on various topics including website monetization, the blogging community, and dining. His posts are pithy and fun to read, exactly the way I like blogs to be!

I made sure to NOT read John’s site for the entire week leading up to the San Diego-Patriots playoff game. I am CONVINCED that browsing John Chow’s site somehow helped the Patriots pull out of that game with a victory. Again, I really tried to read John’s site again during the ensuing AFC Championship against the Indianapolis Colts, but I cheated. I peeked at his site during the week and I didn’t have enough fresh new posts to read during the game. Stupid Bloglines!

This isn’t so much a review of John’s site as it is a ‘thank you’ for a great NFL season. Sure, he had no idea that his site had become part of my football superstitions, and it’s crazy, I know. It is also a plead that he will keep on blogging through the next football season. The Patriots are a great team, but sometimes, even the best need a little help. That’s where I, and unwittingly John Chow come in.

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