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Super Bowl possibilities

It’s Super Bowl Sunday… a/k/a The biggest day of the year in my household! Sure, my Patriots aren’t in it but it still marks the last time I will see a real football game for… *gasp* …eight months. Football season is painfully short. I sometimes wish it could be as long as baseball season… it’s just not fair. I do understand for a football season to be as long as baseball, each team would need a 200 man roster. *sigh* I guess you can appreciate it more when you get such a small taste.

Anyway, I was ready to sit here and begrudgingly say the Colts were going to win by 500,000 points… that was until I learned of bad weather in Miami. What are the odds of that? Could the entire New England Region have willed such a horrible storm into the Sunshine State, thus effectively evening the playing field and ruining the party for thousands of Super Bowl spectators? Is it possible the football gods are saying to Manning, “if you really want it, you’re going to have to work for it.” Maybe El Nino wears a Patriots jersey? Wouldn’t it be poetic justice to every Patriots’ fan if the game came down to a field goal, and just as the ball is careened off Adam Vinatieri’s foot, a 20mph gust nudges it just far enough to make it no good? The possibilities are endless today!

Happy Super Bowl Sunday!


Day Three Surviving


Happy 5th Birthday, Bostonbrat


  1. Hope you’re having a great Superbowl Sunday! I am hoping the weather will be a factor in the game too.

    Hope it will be a fun game to watch. Even though The Pats are not in it, The Superbowl rules. Last game till August. Ooog!

    Happy Superbowl!

  2. Late in the 3rd Q and things look bad for The Bears. This game is slipping away from them..

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