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Super Bowl XLI Thoughts

The Super Bowl is over and the Colts have won. I’m not very surprised… I personally believe that the AFC is the MUCH stronger conference… by FAR. I do think that the Bears had a really good chance at winning this game but what were they doing? The safeties were dropped so deep, they were practically in the stands. Didn’t they watch the first half of the AFC Championship? When you want to beat the Colts, you must play aggressive. The Bears defense was practically running a Prevent all game.

It also seemed to me that the Bears were playing far too conservatively on offense. Was it a lack of confidence in Rex Grossman? Hmmmmmmmmmmmm…….

Here’s a thought: Manning looked surprisingly lackadaisical at finally winning “the big one.” Weird. I would’ve expected just a smidgen more emotion. Maybe, I’m just used to Tom Brady’s spirited enthusiasm.

Here’s another thought: The Colts play in a Dome all year, yet they handled the shitty weather better? What the hell?

Here’s yet another thought: I kinda thought Dominic Rhodes was game MVP, NOT Manning. Yeah, but I think Rodney Harrison earned it in Super Bowl 39 and it was given to Deion Branch. Too bad my opinion doesn’t count.

Lastly: I wonder if San Diego can loan Indianapolis some of the Super Bowl Victory celebration supplies and plans they had set up, seeing as they won’t need it.

I will say, I LOVED the halftime show. Prince rules! The pregame show was something else… I think Billy Joel would’ve gotten booted off American Idol with vocals like that. Good thing he’s known as the “Piano Man”.

With the SOLE EXCEPTION being the first Doritos commerical (guy in car crashes…), the commercials sucked. Good Super Bowl commercials died with the Budweiser Frogs. I was REALLY disappointed with’s spots. I thought they were going to come out with something big after the season of funny ads (what’s funnier than a room full of chimps with laser pointers?!). I was also disappointed with Bud Light. Their Super Bowl ads had been the one bright spot in recent years.

Overall, it was an entertaining game. My dad and I were a bit relieved we didn’t have to go through all that stress when the two teams were trading fumbles back and forth. I am happy for Tony Dungy. I’m very sad that I won’t get a taste of football for months. Spare me the whole, “Spring Training, blah blah blah.” Football’s my sport. And let my seven months of suffering begin…

…and just like that, I got a call from my boss that I don’t need to be in the office tomorrow until 10:30! Things are Super after all!


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  1. I will admit that I am happy for Tony Dungy.

    I probably won’t watch the Pro Bowl, so it’s a long wait till next season. I do find it kind of interesting that Belichick will be scouting players at, I mean, coaching The Pro Bowl this year.

  2. Funny. Paris Hilton is still Brian Urlacher’s greatest achievement.

  3. i have been saying the same thing about Rhodes deserving that MVP award. and as for Peyton being unemotional? i think it was his sense of entitlement to this game. Peyton may have talent, but he has some of the worst attitude playing in the game today.

  4. Angela

    I kind of think it has something to do with beating the Patriots in the AFC Championship. I liken it to 2004 when the Red Sox beat the Yankees in the ALCS. It was a much bigger victory than the actual World Series. I think, to Manning, beating us was the bigger battle. Maybe?

  5. Did you catch his post game interview though? When he said he doesn’t want a “pass” like some other QBs get after winning the Super Bowl & then struggling? What is *that* supposed to mean?! I just don’t like the way he makes veiled jabs at other players — and to me it feels like this one was directed at Brady.

  6. Meow

    I’m happy for Dungy, too. The man really, really tries.

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