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The sad onset of no-football-itis

And just like that, no-football-depression has begun to sink in. It’s weird how quickly the disorder takes over. Just a few days ago, I was watching the Super Bowl. Today, I’ve suffered the shakes, loss of appetite and irritability. Well, maybe that was because I skipped breakfast. Either way, I miss football already! My life is meaningless without it.

I should really consider getting some type of job within the industry. Coincidentally, my boss knows the Editor-in-Chief of Patriots Football Weekly very well. He hid his business card from me, but I found it in a pile of old copy. Imagine, doing the exact thing I do now, except I work for the Patriots and Robert Kraft signs my paycheck. Fashionistas dream of working for Vogue. Here I am, yearning for a job at a small weekly publication revolved around the Patriots. I don’t want free tickets, or free autographs. All I want is to get paid for something I truly love.

I should write this down on my “must-try” list.


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  1. That would be so cool. PFW is a great publication.

  2. Meow

    I love Patriots Football Weekly! My boss gets it and passes it down to me. Why the hell don’t you give ’em a call?

    What are we supposed to do on Sundays now? I may have to spend quality non-football time with my kids and clean my house. F’n shudder.

  3. gambitNJ69

    I really love to have sex, but doesnt mean I’m gonna go get a job in Porn or Prostitution….

  4. Angela

    I think my dream is slightly more realistic than yours to go into porn. 🙂

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