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Superstition meets the blogosphere

I have mentioned in the past our deeply rooted superstitions regarding Patriots games. The most used, and the one with the longest tradition, is the offensive cigarette (no, I don’t mean the cigarette is meant to ‘offend’; it is for Patriots’ OFFENSIVE series). My dad tells me that this tradition started when he was a season ticket holder. Whenever the Patriots entered the redzone, he would light a cigarette and he would have to keep the cigarette lit, while smoking it, until the Patriots scored.

Superstitions are weird… sometimes during a game, I’ll start biting my nails and, all of a sudden, the Patriots play better, which in turn tells me to continue biting my nails. It must be the only thing that is helping the Patriots play well! As ridiculous as it sounds, and as much as I know better, when it’s game time and things aren’t going the way I want them to, to think that something I am doing is positively affecting the game helps me feel as if I am an active participant in the game.

This season, I accidentally developed a new superstition while browsing the internet during a game.

During the season, I am an obsessive Fantasy Football manager. I’m lucky enough to have a small laptop computer to rest perfectly on the coffee table in front of me. During games, I keep’s gamecenter open and actively check all the live stats of my team’s players.

In the first Miami-Patriots contest, the Pats just weren’t playing well. I was really getting concerned they were going to lose. I was so stressed out, on a commercial break, I casually started browsing the internet and stumbled upon an article by John Chow. I kept reading his site, and, miraculously, the Patriots starting playing better, ultimately winning.

John’s site is so interesting, and with Sunday being one of the few days I have to actually browse the internet, it became habit to start browsing his site for good luck. I’d still have the NFL gamecenter open, but thanks to Firefox, I had open in another tab. The new “John Chow formula” was simple: I had to read his posts during the game, and they could only be new posts; I couldn’t just re-read the same old ones. Lucky for me, John updates his site frequently which left me lots of content to help give the Patriots good luck. is the aptly named site of John Chow, the founder of A resident of Vancouver, Canada, his blog focuses on various topics including website monetization, the blogging community, and dining. His posts are pithy and fun to read, exactly the way I like blogs to be!

I made sure to NOT read John’s site for the entire week leading up to the San Diego-Patriots playoff game. I am CONVINCED that browsing John Chow’s site somehow helped the Patriots pull out of that game with a victory. Again, I really tried to read John’s site again during the ensuing AFC Championship against the Indianapolis Colts, but I cheated. I peeked at his site during the week and I didn’t have enough fresh new posts to read during the game. Stupid Bloglines!

This isn’t so much a review of John’s site as it is a ‘thank you’ for a great NFL season. Sure, he had no idea that his site had become part of my football superstitions, and it’s crazy, I know. It is also a plead that he will keep on blogging through the next football season. The Patriots are a great team, but sometimes, even the best need a little help. That’s where I, and unwittingly John Chow come in.


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  1. I thought I had some crazy sports superstitions but I think you have me beat on this one 😉

  2. Angela

    You have no idea the extent of my madness.

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