The last few days have been trying, at best. To avoid going into the most personal of details, my boyfriend and I are going to be unable to see each other for a few weeks. Times like these are what make football so important to me… each game is a chance for me to vent my stress. I have something to focus my energy on, instead of the stress.

With that said, I was thankful to read that the Patriots gave Asante Samuel the franchise tag. It would break my heart to see him go to another team. It would be Lawyer Milloy all over again.

I have a sense of pride whenever I think about the progress Samuel has made over the years. It was me, after all, that made the first call about his future greatness. My dad can attest to that… since the first time I saw him play in ’03, I just knew he’d be something. Each year, he has improved, both mentally and physically, and is quickly developing into a premium DB, in a class with the likes of Champ Bailey. I’m oh-so proud. *tear*

Signing Asante Samuel is crucial to the long-term success of the team, in my opinion, of course. Whereas, I truly did not feel Deion Branch was worth what he wanted, Samuel is coming into his own and he will prove that value in the coming seasons. Besides, wide receivers are a dime a dozen (especially when you have a quarterback like Tom Brady); a top cornerback, on the other hand, is something much more crucial. If anything, I would think that cornerback is the most difficult of positions, second only to quarterback.

But, what the hell do I know? I’m just a girl…. right?