To be a Patriot, or not to be – Randy Moss?

randy moss

My dad, the genius armchair GM, would like me to point everyone’s attention to an article in today’s Boston Herald. The article discusses, again, the possibility of wide receiver Randy Moss coming to New England. According to the story, the Raiders want to wash their hands of Moss and are looking for a first round draft pick in return. What a coinky-dink? The Patriots have TWO first round picks! (Thanks, Deion!) Is it worth the risk? Why the hell not. And if any team can stifle a prima donna, it’s the Patriots.

My dad would also like me to remind everyone he has already predicted Randy Moss will eventually come to New England.

I think the addition of Randy Moss is a pipe dream but I can’t argue with my dad. He did accurately predict Corey Dillon’s signing – two years prior.

11 thoughts on “To be a Patriot, or not to be – Randy Moss?

  1. yechhh. don’t like Randy Moss. am much happy about the recent names I hear popping up though. Adalius Thomas. Kyle Brady. Sammy Morris. Wes Welker. sounds good to me!

  2. Randy may be outrageous, but imagine Brady with a weapon like Moss. Brady has never had someone with that kind of talent.

    Ernie, my friend Dave is a Dolphins fan and he liked him enough to put him on his fantasy team. He put up lots of stats, and I do remember him chewing up our secondary. And if Belichick likes him, chances are he’s good.

  3. I have to wonder what Moss would be like on a team like The Pats that obviously has its act together in the front office, veteran leadership in the locker room, etc etc.

    I can just imagine what Brady would be like with him in the passing game.

  4. I’d don’t see Moss pulling crap on a team when there’s a very real possibility of him making it to a Super Bowl and he has teammates like Rodney Harrison. I remember reading a few years back, I forget who it was, that Willie McGinest and Bruschi didn’t think a particular player’s attitude was great so they took him aside and schooled him on how the Patriots do it and it was never a problem again.

  5. ”Randy may be outrageous, but imagine Brady with a weapon like Moss.”

    What are you trying to say here, is this the real reason Bridget and Tom Broke up??

  6. Will you please hush and stop talking about Moss going to the Patriots?! He needs to be going to the PACKERS like initially reported! A trio of Moss, Driver, and a seasoned Jennings for Favre to throw to would be almost heavenly….

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