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See ya, sucker

The Boston Globe suspended Ron Borges for plagiarism. Ron Borges is the MAIN REASON why I don’t read the Boston Globe sports page. Sometimes, I wonder if he resents the Globe for putting him on the Patriots’ beat. He never has a positive thing to say about the Pats, and I wasn’t the least bit shocked when he was the first (and still the only writer I’ve read) to pan the Adalius Thomas deal. I’ll listen to Peter King on this one.

When I first read of the Borges suspension, I couldn’t wait to see how the Herald would cover the story. As expected, the Herald was ready with plenty of examples of Borges’ alleged copying.

At work, I also handle copy editing duties. I have to fix/correct/rewrite stuff all the time. Seriously, it’s not that difficult to re-word stuff. If a moron like me can do it, I think Borges can take the five minutes to do it as well.


To be a Patriot, or not to be – Randy Moss?


Donte Stallworth?


  1. Too bad he only gets a 2 month suspension. Should have gotten worse. Oh well. I don’t read the Globe at all except for Reiss’ Pieces..

  2. Angela

    I love Reiss’ Pieces! At least Mike Reiss is/writes like a fan.

  3. All I can say is hopefully this means he won’t be on the Patriots Pre-Game show (radio) anymore. I never understood why they had him on there. What were they thinking?

  4. I CANNOT STAND Borges…seriously…why doesn’t he move to Indy or just spend his days being Bill Parcells man servant?

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