Here’s one guy I am glad is no longer a Patriot. Dexter Reid is the latest in a string of bad, bad boys of the NFL. Convenient timing, too, as one of the hottest topics of discussion at the owners’ meeting is that of player off-field behavior. The NFL’s positive role and image in many of its communities and cities is being tarnished by a few bad apples. The NFL is much more visible in the community than any other professional sport that I can think of. Even the Pop Warner kids in one of the cities my newspaper covers were recipients of community aid from the NFL.

Whether the players like it or not, little kids are going to be looking up to them. It seems as though one of the biggest trends among players is starting their own charities, so most players accept the great responsibility. I’m not sure how the NFL can weed out all of the bad seeds. There are teams that will still be tempted to take a risk on a player with extraordinary talent.