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Bring Troy back

I couldn’t even imagine the great Troy Brown playing anywhere but New England. A Sports Illustrated article today mentions Troy’s desire to continue playing, period. I know the drill, “the NFL is a business,” yadda, yadda. I understand the Patriots’ newfound depth at wide receiver. Please, please allow Troy Brown to finish his career here, with us, his loyal fans that have watched him from day one.

I’ve mentioned how much Troy Brown means to me in the past. He’s not a flashy player like Randy Moss or T.O. He’s not going to go down in NFL history as the greatest receiver of all time. He’s just one of those guys that makes the big plays when they count the most. Like in the AFC Championship, way back in the day, before talk of dynasty, before any Super Bowl Championships…. Troy Brown, being tackled, laterals the ball to Antwan Harris who ran it in for a touchdown.

According to Wikipedia, Troy is currently the longest-tenured athlete in Boston professional sports. He’s taken pay cuts to stay here, he’s played nearly every aspect of the game, including being listed as a backup QB!

I don’t think I could imagine Troy playing on another team. I’d hate to see him go.


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  1. I agree!! Troy needs to finish his football career as a Patriot. Belichick always says how much he loves the guy so hopefully the team does the right thing.

  2. reiss’ peices has a quote from Coach B stating that Troy is in The Pats plans for 07. Nice.

  3. here’s the thing Ernie was talking about:

    Patriots coach Bill Belichick told that receiver Troy Brown is in the team’s plans for 2007.

    Brown is currently an unrestricted free agent.

    “I expect Troy to have a role with us this year as far as I’m concerned,” Belichick told reporter Tom Curran. “He is part of the plan for next season.”

  4. Angela

    That’s great! Belichick is no idiot – Troy is the ultimate team player. I would also like to think that maybe Belichick took my blog post to heart. 😉

  5. Jonathan

    Not to mention he is from SC. Angela’s favorite state.

  6. Angela

    Ha ha, what about Richard Seymour? He’s from Gadsden, right?

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