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He wasn’t a legend but he was my first love

After 14 long years in the NFL, Drew Bledsoe is hanging up his hat and calling it a day. Gone will be the days when the game’s on the line, there are precious seconds left and Bledsoe throws an interception. He will never again lose his job to the hot shot backup QB, never drop his head in aggravation – it’s all a memory now. I knew this was coming, Bledsoe is too proud to be someone’s backup. But like everything in his career, Drew Bledsoe will leave the NFL with grace and dignity.

I can’t believe that it has been six years since he last wore a Patriots jersey. You see, as much as I love Tom Brady, Drew Bledsoe was my first love, so to speak. When I was learning football all those years ago, Bledsoe was our QB. Drew was in all the Papa Gino’s commercials, he was the man that took the Patriots to their first Super Bowl in ten years.

When Bledsoe arrived in New England in ’93, he had big shoes to fill. He rose above Steve Grogan’s legacy and created one of his own. And I will never forget that game back in 2001, not just because it was the first game back after September 11, but because it was the end of an era, the first major player change in the Patriots that I would experience. When Tom Brady casually and calmly (a demeanor we have grown to love and expect) walked out onto the field, who could have thought then all that would transpire. I know for sure, despite being as die-hard as they come, the last thing I thought was, “Here we come Super Bowl!”

Bledsoe handled it with grace, coaching and mentoring Brady through the unimaginable. We all knew he was a goner, he even knew – you could see it on his face at the end of Super Bowl 36. And when he left New England, he wrote a letter to all of us, the die-hard fans, saying goodbye. I never forgot that.

I’ve never stopped loving Drew Bledsoe because, like I said, he was my first love. First loves aren’t always wonderful but, in the end, you will always have fond memories. Maybe now he’ll have time to join in on those NutriSystem commercials that seem to be all the rage among NFL retirees.


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  1. \\Maybe now he’ll have time to join in on those NutriSystem commercials that seem to be all the rage among NFL retirees.\\

    Har. That is funny.

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