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THE HORROR: When your sister dates a Yankees Fan

I would like to take this moment to remind Rob (Kristina’s boyfriend and Long Island native) that when you call from the Red Sox – Yankees game to gloat about A-Rod’s second homerun of the game, you better make sure the game is over or else something like this could happen.

I should’ve known when my phone started to ring almost simultaneously with A-Rod’s second homer that Rob (listed as “Rob Base” in my phone) was calling to brag. I don’t know why I answered.

“Hey Ang, did you see that?!?!” Rob screams over the boos of thousands of Red Sox fans.

“Yes, Rob. I saw,” I sighed.

“Freakin awesome huh?! A-Rod rules!”

“I’m working on my theory that Gay-Rod visited a Witch Doctor before the season! There must be some logical explanation. Wheaties alone cannot wield that kind of power,” I said. I firmly believe there is some supernatural explanation because we all know A-Rod sucks.

“Gotta go! Go Yankees!!!!”

I remember when my sister first brought Rob home, he seemed too good to be true. We knew there had to be some flaw. Little did we know at the time, how ghastly his one flaw would be. 🙁


After all these years, the Yankees still suck


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  1. It should be interesting when my husband and my sister’s boyfriend meet. Both are huge football fan… hubby’s a die-hard Ravens fan… and sister’s bf is (like some people I know… hint, hint) an obsessed Patriots fan. 😉

  2. Angela

    Your sister clearly has excellent taste.

  3. Gay Rod will cool down come post season, If they make it. He always does LOL

  4. Angela

    So true.

  5. Oy. Well at least you get to rub it in now after the comeback and today’s win piles on. ha ha

  6. Isn’t Rob that Financial Planner guy? That explains everything then, “FP’s suck and they hunt for suckers,” compliment from an American friend…lol. I should know better I am an FP myself.

    Cheers and take care.

  7. Angela

    Yep, that’s Rob. 🙂

  8. Meow

    Good Lord! Maybe some electroshock treatments for your sister’s BF?

  9. Brian

    ARods on roids – no witch doctor involved. Maybe the sis should date a cute Boston guy like this:
    hahaha, at least he’s from Boston – and hasa a sense of humor…

  10. Angela

    Rob’s Yankee fan-ism definitely pisses my sister off. She is to the Red Sox like I am to the Patriots.

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