At this point in the year, I am so starved for anything NFL-related, I get butterflies even thinking about the Draft. Well, the wait is almost over! It’s NFL Draft weekend! It’s exciting… who will be the next Tom Brady or Peyton Manning? Who will the Patriots take? Which team will make the biggest draft blunder *cough Houston cough*? NFL Draft weekend is like one big Monopoly game. The only difference is that, unless you’ve really done your homework, you don’t know which player is Boardwalk and which is Baltic Avenue.

I don’t follow college football so I am pretty much clueless about who’s going where and to whom. Looking at recent picks like Vince Wilfork and Ty Warren, I have complete faith in Bill, Scott and all the scouts. What I do know is that the Patriots are probably going to be selecting linebackers and secondary but you never know what they’ll do when they hold two first round picks.

4 thoughts on “IT’S NFL DRAFT WEEKEND

  1. On a side note, your content section is fantastic.

    And I’ll probably make your computer explode by saying this, but me being a die hard Steelers fan probably makes us the biggest rivals on the blogosphere.:)

  2. I’m like you. Totally clueless about who’s coming out and where they might be going. The Pats have a bunch of options with all their picks this year. Cant wait to find out what they do with them! I’m thinking secondary. Maybe a saftey?

  3. Good job. 😀 I’m satisfied with the pick, not like the Patriots are attempting to please me, but whatever.

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