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Randy Moss, for the gazillionth time

ADDENDUM: Pardon my French but HOLY SHIT! Oakland agrees to send Randy Moss to New England for a fourth round pick. What incredible news to wake up to!

randyMy dad has been saying this for a long time… he firmly believes Randy Moss will become a Patriots at some point. The guys on NFL Network (Adam Schefter, specifically) think it’ll happen. Could it really happen? I still think it’s a pipe dream but we’ll see. It would seem unfair, almost obscene, to have Randy Moss. I can tell you one thing though, finally… FINALLY… we will never have to hear about Deion Branch again!

If a trade with Oakland does come to fruition, you can be sure that my dad is going to be super angry with me for not helping him post to his site (the real reason why it has gone untouched for quite some time).




Welcome to New England, Randy


  1. I gotta say, good pickup. I was surprised to see that Green Bay wouldn’t match that offer at least. But I guess if he had to go to any other team, I can’t complain seeing him go to NE 🙂

  2. Angela

    I don’t see Green Bay warming up to Moss ever.

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