Welcome to New England, Randy

Tom and Randy

I’ve let it sink in a little that Randy Moss is, in fact, coming to New England. I’ve been keeping updated on everything thanks to Mike Reiss. And most importantly, The Boston Globe asked Rodney Harrison what he thinks about the trade.

“Let’s get a chance to know the guy before we make any judgments. If he comes in and is selfish, there are going to be problems. But if he has the right attitude, it will be huge for us.” – Harrison

Brandon MeriweatherThat’s what I’ve said all along. Head cases are dealt with swiftly by veterans like Harrison and Bruschi. They know how to win and they know it only comes when you put the team first. Guys like Deion Branch didn’t get it.

And worst case scenario: We can just sic new safety Miami Hurricanes’ Brandon Meriweather (shown left) on him. He appears to know how to kick some ass. But in all seriousness, the same can be said for the Patriots’ first round draft pick Meriweather. He’s going to be learning from Harrison. I am expecting Meriweather to make the same progress that Eugene Wilson made when learning from the great Rodney.

All I can say is, this is going to be the longest summer ever!

3 thoughts on “Welcome to New England, Randy

  1. Wow I have Reche Caldwell eyes right now thinking about The Pats receivers. This does not even factor in the receiving potential of the TE’s and RB’s! Wow.

  2. I love how we can go from Reche Caldwell one season to Randy Moss and Dante Stallworth the next. It’s incredible.

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