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Damned if you do, damned if you don’t

It’s remarkable how unhappy people are about the trade for Randy Moss! It’s almost as if they WANT Moss to cause problems. I’m sure Dan Shaughnessy won’t mind… he seems to hate all Boston sports teams anyway. The Patriots traded practically nothing for one of the most talented receivers in the entire NFL. And Randy so desperately wants a ring, he took a massive pay cut to come here.

I like what Steve DeOssie said on WEEI today, that the veterans who have been here from the beginning (Bruschi, Seymour, Brady) are very protective of what they have created and, as anyone who has ever attended high school will tell you, peer pressure is a strong motivating force.

If we’re going to sit here and piss and moan about reputations, c’mon… that’s one of the lamest arguments I have ever heard. If you speak to LaDainian Tomlinson, he’ll tell you our reputation is low-class anyway.

Last season, a casual Patriots’ observer would think the sky was falling after the Patriots traded away Deion Branch. “Tom Brady is going to lose faith if they’re not giving him any weapons,” they said. Well, now Brady has an AK-47 and those same people are upset. Make up your minds!

I love this trade. I love it so much, I was shaking with excitement all day yesterday. I think Randy Moss is going to shut his mouth, work his butt off, and help the Patriots get to Arizona. Remember, he has Tom Brady to answer to now… he’s not taking orders from Aaron Brooks anymore and I’d like to see him walk off the field during a game and answer to Rodney Harrison.

The only thing that scares me is could Bill Belichick be stacking his team to make one final bid for the Super Bowl and then call it quits? Now, that terrifies me more than a trouble making Randy Moss.


Welcome to New England, Randy


Tom Brady shows how much he wants Moss here


  1. I have intentionally not reading the various Pats sites because I don’t want to hear all the complaints about Moss. I like the trade too. Like you said, we got him for a 4th round pick, at a low cost, and if he does end up being a trouble maker, the Pats just cut him loose. They are so deep at receiver now, losing Moss would have a minimal effect.

    This is a team that was 1 min away from the Superbowl with Reche Caldwell as it’s #1 receiver. Nothing against Reche but he is a #3 on any other team.

    I have heard some people speculating about Belichick but it does not seem like he is sick of football yet and has a great relationship with the Krafts. I don’t see him leaving, but you are right that is a terrifying thought!

  2. Angela

    I honestly think if the Patriots had played San Diego at home and half the secondary wasn’t crippled with the flu, we would’ve won in Indy. If you look at the domination in the first half, you could see the steam gone. That’s physical exhaustion.

  3. JimBo

    Congrats on the Randy deal; your Dad called it months ago.
    Personally, I’m glad the Raiders are rid of him and can try to start over….again. 😉

  4. Angela

    I never thought it was going to happen because I never thought Al Davis would be smart enough to allow it. 😉 It’s a good move by both teams.

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