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Meshawn Johnson, Not a Patriot

With the conclusion of American Idol last night (YAY, JORDIN!!!), I have little else to focus on in the Patriots offseason, so why not turn my attention back to my favorite thing in the world…. Football! Duh.

Keyshawn Johnson called it quits to join ESPN and give Michael Irwin a run for his money. I was surprised the Carolina Panthers cut him but I was even more surprised this morning to read his comments that Belichick was interested. Really? What’s next, Belichick talking to Ricky Williams?

I remember YEARS ago when Keyshawn was a New York Jet (BOO!) and after a game in Foxboro, one in which he was loudly booed as always, he said he hated New England and its fans. I remember he and his buddy Spike Lee discussing New England’s suckiness. I know the Pats and Jets trade players a lot but it’s really hard for me to escape the “Once a Jet, Always a Jet,” feeling about a player. It’s more subdued and doesn’t get the same amount of media attention but don’t forget, the Jets are to the Pats what the Yanks are to the Sox.

Although I trust Bill Belichick and he does have an inside knowledge of Keyshawn’s abilities and work ethic, I think the Patriots are super-stacked in the Wide Receiver department. I don’t think Randy Moss’s attitude will overpower the locker room, but if you threw in another “ME ME ME”, it’d be too much for one team to handle. Comical? Maybe. Productive? No.

Now, I’ll just sit back and wait for Keyshawn’s ESPN premiere. Who knows, I might even start to like Keyshawn much like how I learned to love Deion Sanders. The same can’t be said for Shannon Sharpe though… ick. “Call in the National Guard!” Shannon’s stuttering on National TV.


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  1. It would have been good to get Meshawn last year but he priced himself out before anything could even be considered. Like you said, probably better off. He already had his ring so he was just playing for the $$$, not the desire to win at this point.

    Hey where did you get that beer thingy. I want to steal that for my site!

  2. Looks like it does not work with typepad. oh well 🙁

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