Since the New England Patriots entered the realm of the elite in 2002, I, as well as many other die-hards, have been bombarded by the new fans – hopping on the bandwagon in fair weather. It must be great, your “team” never loses! You can celebrate a championship almost every year! How exciting!

Long gone are the days when I would be laughed at for answering, “The Super Bowl,” when asked, “How do you think the Pats will do this year?”

Do you know how much I was laughed at in February of ’02, the day before Super Bowl 36, when I went to work (at the restaurant) covered in Patriots buttons? Everyone, and I mean EVERYONE, couldn’t believe I actually thought the Patriots stood a shot at winning. They told me, “It’s going to be Super Bowl 20 all over again.” No one had faith. I mean, why should they? Prior to 2000, the Patriots always had some creative way to lose a big game. I had faith, and when the Patriots won, the post-game celebrations were something I will never forget. It was nothing like when the Red Sox finally beat the Yankees in the ALCS. It was just a handful of folks dancing around Faneuil Hall, having a good time. Probably my favorite part of the evening, besides the actual Super Bowl of course, was when some revelers climbed atop the Sam Adams statue and dressed it in a Drew Bledsoe jersey. Most likely they knew they’d no longer need said Bledsoe jersey and what better way to pay tribute than put it on an actual Patriot. Right?

Anyway, the whole point I’m trying to make is, since then, I’m so sick of dealing with “The World’s Biggest Patriots Fans.” We all know who the real fans are and who aren’t. I saw who was at Faneuil Hall that night, and there weren’t many. (This isn’t to say if you weren’t at Faneuil Hall, you aren’t a fan – it’s just a representation.)

But really, one thing that has always, ALWAYS pissed me off are the tickets. I’m sick of the insinuation by some season ticket holders that their tickets, by default, make them bigger Patriots fans. Is this a competition? My dad had season tickets when the Patriots sucked. Does that make him a super-fan? Well, my dad’s a shitty example because he is the Super Fan, but still. Just because some folks have more income to throw around doesn’t make them the better fan. In fact, I’m sure many of those fans spend much of the game in a drunken stupor anyway and they have no clue what’s actually occurring on field. (This is also not to say if you have season tickets you are a drunken fair weather fan – Again, it’s just a representation)

I actually enjoy watching games at home better than attending. Bad, cold weather aside, I just feel I get a more personal view of the game when watching at home. You don’t know how many times I have said that to someone and watched their jaws drop as if I had just spit on a Brady jersey.

So today, when thousands of folks tried to get tickets and couldn’t, I say, fear not. You are not any less of a fan. And to those that think they are God’s gift to Patriots fandom because of a season ticket I say, get a life. That is all.