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Marquise Hill thoughts

I am really sad about the untimely death of Marquise Hill. I spend so much of my time and energy on football and as dumb or trivial as you may think it is, that is where I focus my attention. Sometimes, I feel like I know these guys personally. Although the closest I had ever gotten to Marquise in physical proximity was probably within 50 feet at Training Camp in ’05, he was part of my life in a huge way as all the players are. I feel like I just lost a friend. I’m sad not only because the Patriots just lost a defensive lineman – I’m sad because a generous 24 year-old was taken in the prime of his life.


UPDATED: The body of Patriots’ Marquise Hill found


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  1. Not sure what else can be said.. The news report says he and his companion were not wearing life jackets. What were they thinking?? Just terrible news.

  2. Meow

    Very sad, all around. 🙁

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