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Kevin Youkilis blogs

Still at work – Wednesdays suck.

Anyway, Youkilis has a blog! That’s wicked frickin awesome. I wonder if Schill gave him some pointers? I hope they don’t start blog-competing – Youk has way more comments on his latest post than Curt.

[via Adam]

I’m never leaving here tonight. 🙁


Marquise Hill thoughts


An open letter to some members of Red Sox Nation


  1. Just wanted to drop by and leave a hollar. Wanted to tell you your doing a great job, although I hate the PATS. Kicked my cherished chargers right out of the playoffs. Keep in touch!

  2. I can’t say I blame you for your Pats hatred. That was the one of the most painful games to watch ever, second only to Super Bowl 38 against Carolina.

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