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NFL Europa no more

The NFL has decided to discontinue NFL Europa after 15 years. I think the moral of the story is Europe is not ready for American Football. I’d be disappointed but I never got around to watching it anyway, so I guess it’s for the best.

The inexact science of car thievery

ADDENDUM: Thanks to the swift work of the local police department, the van was found. It turns out, the suspect not only remained in this city, he was parked less than a mile away from the police department. The suspect fled on foot but was quickly caught with the aid of the K-9 officers. Although the van wasn’t damaged (as far as we can tell – like I said, it’s a beater), unfortunately for my boss, his teeth weren’t in there. The search for my boss’s teeth goes on…

* * *

Just when I thought I had seen everything at my office, today someone stole the newspaper van. Some guy stole the big, ugly, old beater with the newspaper’s giant logo painted on both sides. I can’t imagine getting much for the piece of junk at a chop shop and it is so tragically uncool, I can’t imagine it being worthy of a joyride. It’s also about as discrete as driving around with a megaphone yelling, “This is a stolen vehicle!”

The van was stolen around noon. By 2 p.m., there were two sightings of the van around town. By 3:30, there was another sighting, but this time he was headed toward another city. I would have loved to stay late to find out what happened, but I couldn’t bear to be in the office past 5. All I know is, the last thing my boss said to me regarding the van was, “I hope they (the police) get the van. My teeth are in there.”

And that, my friends, is just another day at my office.

Former Red Sox pitcher Rod Beck is dead

rod beckFormer Red Sox pitcher Rod Beck has died. I don’t know what’s more surprising – that he’s dead, or that he was only 38. For some reason I always thought he was older.

Back in the day, the guys at US Airways used to call my dad “Rod Beck” for his crazy mullet (Yes, my dad had a mullet, which we tortured him on but he refused to cut until recently). That’s how I always managed to remember him. It’s weird, I was just thinking about Beck the other day when telling my boyfriend the story of my dad’s mullet.

Isn’t it always strange how you always think of someone just before they pass away?

Rest in peace, Rod. You’ll be sorely missed.

Joe Andruzzi hospitalized with lymphoma

Good old #63, Joe Andruzzi has been diagnosed and hospitalized with lymphoma. Hopefully, like the Red Sox’ Jon Lester, he can make a full recovery. Once a Patriot, always a Patriot. Get Better, Joe.

Damn it, Asante!

Just when I was getting all excited about training camp, you have to come out and announce you’re sitting out. What you haven’t yet mentioned is if you will watch the games you’re missing with your arms crossed and a pout on your face. Are you going to march into Bill’s office and stomp your feet, too? Maybe this is a remnant of your mom forcing you to eat your lima beans? Or maybe when you wanted more allowance?

Ernie mentioned all the things he could do with the $7.9 mil the Patriots offered you. Here’s my list: Finish college, buy a sweet mansion on the beach, buy a Back Bay brownstone, buy a car, go to Disney World for a month, and shop. And when I wake from that crazy dream, I will drive my beat-up ’95 Honda to my thankless $8 an hour job. Oh boy, don’t get me started on what it’s like to not be appreciated. I virtually run four newspapers. As much fun as it would be for me to decide to not go to work for two months in hopes of a raise, it ain’t happening.

But really, what I’ve always wondered is, after $5 mil, does it really matter? I mean, really. Does it? That’s not rhetorical.

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