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An open letter to some members of Red Sox Nation

Dear Certain Members of Red Sox Nation,

Hi, guys. I’ve noticed many of you have searched Google for some “Yankees suck” photos and have stumbled upon my very own shrine to all things anti-Yankee. That’s great! It means that you are finding the content for which you are searching and I can provide some service to this great Nation. After all, I am sharing all of those photos with the world. They are not mine. They are for all to enjoy.

Unfortunately, what I am not offering is an image hosting service. I know everyone loves that image of the youngin’ in a photoshopped Red Sox shirt flipping the bird. It’s a great photo. Really, I think so. But, if you want to put it on your Myspace, for the love of God, please utilize one of the handy services that DO provide image hosting. For example, provides excellent hosting, from what I hear. In fact, didn’t Myspace just buy Photobucket, like, two days ago?

You see, if you hotlink off my site, you leave me with no choice and I am forced to do something like this, which I really don’t want to do but can because, since you couldn’t save the image yourself, I still have full control over said image. Remember, back in December when I had to torment a poor Chicago Bears fan? I’m sure he didn’t find it funny.

So please, take what photos you want. Plaster your Myspace with 600,000 photos for all I care. Just save the images yourself. Don’t steal my bandwidth. That makes me cranky.

Very truly yours,


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  1. Do you have access to the root directory of your site? If so, there’s some stuff you could put in an .htaccess that would stop such “hotlinking” – which unfortunately I had to learn when some scammer in China was downloading a banner from my site thousands of times a day. I can send you a copy of my code if you want.

  2. I tried to do it and then it screwed up my permalinks.

  3. I’ve found screwing with .htaccess to be a royal pain in the ass as well. It always messes something up, but that’s probably because I never know what I’m doing.

    I end up just having to change the file name in the end, as I did yesterday with a program that I had on my server and which somebody decided to link to on a message board.

    On a sidenote, what plugin are you using for that Most Vocal section on your sidebar? Is it Dofollow?

  4. Ahh, much thanks.

  5. No problemo

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