The New England Patriots have decided to allow us peons to decide who gets to be in the Patriots Hall of Fame. I can’t believe the Patriots organization has entrusted me with something so incredibly special! Now I’m feeling the pressure to make the correct decision. I must make a wise and educated vote! Let’s begin:

Ron Burton – Running Back, 1960-1965

ron burton
Ron Burton items of note:

– Was the Boston Patriots first draft pick ever

– Is ranked 14th in All-time rushing for the Patriots

– On Nov. 12, 1962 set a new league record for missed field goal return, 92 yards, still a Patriot record

– Was so committed to the community, he established the Ron Burton Training Village to help boys. He’s done so much for the community, the Patriots have a community service award named in his honor.

His kid does the Patriots coverage on channel 4

I wasn’t even alive when Burton played, but I trust my dad when he says he loved him.

Morgan Stanley – Wide Receiver, 1977-1989

morgan stanley
Stanley Morgan items of note:

– Went to four Pro Bowls

– Was the Patriots All-Time Leader in receptions until Troy Brown topped him in last season

– He ranks 20th All-Time in the NFL for receiving yards with 10,716; 10,352 of those yards with the Patriots. (Coincidentally, new Patriots acquisition Randy Moss sits right below him with 10,700 and if things go well, he should easily pass him in the first game).

– Considered by many to be the best receiver in Patriots history

– Unlike Ron Burton, his kids do NOT work for channel 4

Now, at least I was alive when Morgan played. I was still too little to appreciate him, but I remember my dad speaking highly of him constantly.

Ben Coates – Tight End, 1991-1999

ben coates
Ben Coates items of note:

– Went to the Pro-Bowl five times

– Set a record for Tight Ends in the NFL with 96 receptions in one season (which stupid Tony Gonzalez broke in ’04)

– Was the first Patriots tight end in my tenure as a fan

– Always open in the end zone… always

– Part of the ’96 AFC Champion team. He finally won a Super Bowl with Baltimore.

I was an active fan of Ben Coates back in the day. I loved how he always seemed to find an opening in the end zone, and I know Drew Bledsoe loved that, too. Not only is Ben Coates one of the first players I grew to love, his autograph is also a part of our Shrine.

This is a tough decision. I wish they could all be inducted into the Patriots Hall of Fame. With a decision as difficult as this, I will have to vote for Ron Burton, for sentimental reasons, of course.

Make sure to vote here! We only have until August 1st.