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Kevin Youkilis gets shafted

Five Red Sox are going to the All-Star Game: David Ortiz, Manny, Mike Lowell, Beckett, and Papelbon. Kevin Youkilis is not included. What a bummer. That’s not a shot at Ortiz, who I love to bits. Youk is just having such a great year. Ah, he’s an All-Star in the eyes of Red Sox Nation. That’s all that matters.

What is surprising about the vote, A-Rod was the top vote-getter. Really? He’s such a douche! He even beat out Derek Jeter. Maybe folks thought they were voting for “A-Hole of the Year.”


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  1. go Red Sox! 6 players is a good representation of Boston.
    and totally agree with you about A-Rod i hate the Yankees

  2. gambitNJ69

    David Ortiz is a DH, NOT a 1st Basemen!!! Anybody but him should of gotten the nod! He does NOT belong to be a starting 1st Basemen! When was the last time he got his fat a@@ out on the field to play First Base for a week straight? He doesnt belong!!!!

  3. Ortiz does play 1st base pretty awesome.

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