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1984 – the year, not the book

I was rummaging through some old picture boxes and I found a few gems that I HAD to share such as…

Hell hath no fury like a 5 year old with a fake gun. I don’t know if I was trying to look mean, but really, I just look stupid. 😀

Here’s something Boston hasn’t seen (and probably won’t see) in a LOOOOOOOONG time…
A Boston Celtics’ World Championship Celebration

And finally, my family, circa 1984. How effing cute. Does my mom have a POPPED COLLAR?! She is so going to hear about this.
da fam


YAY! Troy Brown signed


The Tedy Bruschi Urban Legend


  1. What an adorable picture of you as a child!

    Was this taken at disney? I have a similar picture taken of me at around the same age on a trip to disney in florida.

  2. I’m pretty sure it is because it was in a stack with other Disney World pictures.

  3. 1. Step away from the gun!

    2. Your Grandchild will be five by the time Boston wins another World Chip

    3. Your Mom dukes is definitely styling and profiling
    Nothing like traveling down memory lane.

  4. With Danny Ainge letting Paul Pierce call the shots, I think that my GREAT grandchildren will be 5 before we see another one.

  5. jonathan

    I’m gonna be mean and tell you that I was one years old in 1984. What’s that around your dad’s belt? If I didn’t know any better I would of said it was one of those Saved By the Bell Zack Morris’ telephone.

  6. Har har har, well, Phil was in high school in ’84. And knowing my dad, it’s probably a sunglass case or something. Doesn’t he look scary with the full beard?! Thank god he got rid of that.

  7. Cute picture. You do look a little menacing with that gun though 🙂

  8. I’m surprised I was such a little goofball because I don’t remember being like that but that gun picture is one of many with me making silly faces.

  9. That first picture is sweet. You have to somehow incorporate it as your forum signature or SOMETHING. It’s too wicked awesome to just have it on here or tucked in a drawer in your house!

  10. You should put the gun pic on a t-shirt! Its the best picture I have seen in a long time. haha!

  11. I made it my default image on Myspace, as if anyone cool uses myspace anymore.

  12. Are you sure that the gun was fake? Looks like a real one. 😀

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