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The Tedy Bruschi Urban Legend

ADDENDUM: Good old Mike Reiss… he changed his latest post’s headline to ‘Bruschi Ready to Go’. If that doesn’t squelch this rumor, nothing will. Mike Reiss knows all.


About 30 minutes ago, my father’s girlfriend called to say she heard Tedy Bruschi died. Supposedly, she heard from her brother-in-law who heard from his friend who had heard from his friend, and so on. My dad came barreling down the stairs in tears as if it was my grandmother. Tedy Bruschi is his hero after all. My dad was told that this occurred within the last hour.

My dad frantically tried his best to get NFL Network on the television. Oddly, they weren’t covering the Bruschi story but were focusing on the Roger Goddell, Gene Upshaw press conference on Michael Vick. Surely, they would have something on Tedy Bruschi, if at that very least, a small mention in the constantly running ticker tape at the bottom of the screen.

Maybe ESPN was ahead of NFL Network. It seemed unlikely, but we needed some info in a hurry as my dad was about to have his very own heart attack. ESPN was too busy covering a Nascar race. Surely, they would have some mention of Tedy Bruschi’s condition, if at the very least a little blurb in the constantly running ticker tape at the bottom of the screen. No dice.

There was no mention on Channel 5, or NECN, or Channel 7 – surely, “If it bleeds, it leads” Channel 7 would have coverage of this epic story, right? Nothing.

Thankfully, we live in the information age. We no longer have to wait for the morning edition of the paper or the 11 o’clock newscast. There’s the internet! Surely, if this was true, I’d find something about it online.

I found something alright… according to Tom Curran, Tedy Bruschi is alive and well.

Surprise, surprise, it appears the rumor started at Fox… SHOCKER! An anonymous email detailing Tedy’s untimely passing was sent to Fox 25 and the rest is Boston urban legend history.

My dad is relieved but now I worry about Friday when we head to the Patriots training camp. I’m going to have to make sure he doesn’t try to run out onto the practice field and hug Tedy.


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  1. don

    I actually heard this rumor about 20 minutes ago myself it’s 11:12 PM 7/24/07 I’ve looked everywhere on the internet and i can’t find anything….is this really true or what….the story i heard was that he was golfing at some event today and just collapsed and was flown out to umass medical center where he was pronounced dead…..i don’t know if i believe it, but then again who would make some shit like that up??

  2. All I know is, within the last 30 minutes, Mike Reiss of the Boston Globe has altered his Patriots’ headline on to add Tedy Bruschi in it.

  3. Wow that is pretty lame. No way it started at FOX I never would have guessed! ;P

    Maybe I’ll see you at Camp on Fri! I’m going to the 5:30 session.

  4. Aw, I’m going to the morning practice.

    You don’t even know, Ernie. My dad was heartbroken. “All I could think of was his little boys and wife,” he said.

  5. Until now I’d never heard of him. Guess I should crawl out from under my rock a little more often. Especially since I live in the area.

  6. Who starts rumors like this anyway? That’s just so not cool.

  7. Rumors are almost always a bad news campaign, mostly becaue they have no actual data to back them up. A shame people get so worked up over this stuff, but sometimes it ends up being true.

  8. Funny thing is, although it’s been completely dispelled, some people are still skeptical and think it could be true. I hope he’s at training camp tomorrow.

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