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Suffering for your team – The Patriots start training camp

Today was the kickoff of the Patriots’ training camp. My dad, sister and I headed down there, and whatta ya know… we hit one of the largest traffic jams I have ever encountered in all my years of driving. It took us – get this – THREE HOURS TO GO SIX MILES! Oh, that’s not a typo, you read correctly. Three freakin hours. There were times that we did not move at all, for as long as ten minutes. It was a literal parking lot. And that’s before we hit Rt. 128!

BUT, all the agony, anxiety, and frustration was worth it because of this…

tom brady

That would be THE Tom Brady, who was a mere four feet away from me. I’m not one of those “like oh my God,” girls, but, like oh my God! There is a reason why this guy dates one of the biggest supermodels in the world. Those ten seconds were the highlight of my year – that’s not saying much about my year, is it?

After practice, two AWESOME guys we met gave us a ride back to our car. We didn’t catch their names, but they rule! Thanks, guys!

The day was capped off with a round of frivolous spending in the pro shop.

In fact, I had such a good time, I didn’t even mind when we hit the horrendous traffic again on the way home (this time, we endured the traffic ALL THE WAY TO BOSTON).

If you really care, which you probably don’t but whatever, here’s a bunch of pictures I took today.


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  1. It seems and feels like you have an excellent day, make us wonder that maybe we have to watch a little more football indeed
    What is the most wacky thing you have ever done related with the Patriots . . . ?

  2. I think some people would consider everything I do regarding the Patriots is wacky.

  3. Those pics are awesome. Tons of really good shots there! I see you were on the bleachers. We went this afternoon but we were on the grass hill. It was fun but I had to watch my three kids, ooops I mean my two kids and their grandfather. I guess it just felt like I was watching three of them 😉

  4. Yep, bleachers. We got there so late, I can’t believe my dad found an empty bench. Then he wanted my little sister to fake pass out in hopes that Tom Brady would notice, feel bad, and sign our replica helmet.

  5. Those pics are really great – going and watching the summer trainings are a lot of fun! And you are such a fan girl!!! ^.^

    The Eagles’ summer training camp right in my home town, so we got to watch them play every summer. The benefits of growing up outside of Philadelphia! Although I can’t say I’m an Eagles fan anymore, lol.

    What supermodel does Tom Brady date?

  6. Brady’s dating Gisele Bunchendon or however her name is spelled.

  7. I need tickets to a game. I have to see Brady and Moss in person this year…

  8. Just watching the two of them in practice was incredible. Moss makes it look so damn easy. Everyone in the stands would “ahhhh” at every catch he made. I don’t think there was one person in my vicinity that didn’t say, “wow, I can’t wait to see these two in a game.”

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