Barry Bonds hits homer 756*

Barry Bonds

Unless you live under a rock, or are lacking TV, internet and any ability to get a newspaper, Barry Bonds hit a home run for the 756th time last night. I’m not a big enough baseball fan to fully appreciate the weight of this record but my boyfriend is and he has offered some insight into why Barry deserves a little bit of credit.

As my boyfriend contends, just because you take steroids does not mean you automatically hit home runs. One must still have the eye for the ball. A player must have that skill. Steroids is an advantage but not an automatic.

He also suggests that Barry was still hitting home runs before his insane bulk-up. Sure, they were just making it over the fence whereas they are now super-powered out of the park. But a home run is a home run.

I’ll admit, hand-eye coordination is something I have never had. You should’ve seen me when I was a baton twirler in my youth. I’m sure it was hysterically funny to watch me toss that baton into the air and then run for cover. Hitting a tiny baseball with a skinny bat is well beyond my skill. I probably couldn’t hit a basketball with a bat.

As for Barry, he might be a cheating cheater but records are pointless nowadays anyway. Right? For a cigar-smoking fat ass like Babe Ruth to hit 714, now that’s a feat.

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  1. Yeah Barry Bonds was Hitting Home Runs before his “bulk up”. To the tune of, on average, every 20 at bats in his first fifteen seasons compared to every 10 at bats in his last seven. When I saw that statistic courtesey of ESPN’s Sportscenter, I realized how dilluted this record has become. I personally think in ten years, if A-Rod doesn’t Break it, 755 will be 755 and 61 will be 61.

  2. “For a cigar-smoking fat ass like Babe Ruth to hit 714, now thatโ€™s a feat.”
    Good point. I’ve been conflicting on how to think about all this, but now – I’m just gonna think about that.

  3. I just glad he hit the damn thing & we can start talking about something else. I’ve had enough Barry* to last a lifetime.

  4. Back when beer was the drug of choice, at least the Babe knew there was no way he was going to outrun a throw back to home. All he did was make sure he didn’t have to.


  5. I loathe the fact he did it but am glad it’s more or less over with. I love the before and after pics. His head is so big it could be put on Mount Rushmore as is without having to resize it!

  6. I cannot believe you have to ask who the fat Shrek freak is on The Red Sox…. You must not be a fan of them, thats alright, I wouldnt want to be a fan of that team either.. ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Just came across your blog. It’s a shame I didn’t any sooner. Very entertaining! Rather that doing work, I’m looking through your older posts ๐Ÿ™‚

    Mr. Disgruntled

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