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Take note, Asante – This is how it’s done

Ty WarrenDear Ass-ante Samuel, THIS is how you do it…

Ty Warren signs to an extended deal with the Patriots.

Ty Warren fills one spot on the Patriots’ vaunted defensive line. He’s unsung, he’s proven, he’s hard-working, he’s a team player. Overall, he exemplifies what it means to be a Patriot and most of all, he WANTS to be here.

I guess I’m just really getting sick of this Asante Samuel holdout. At this point, all he has to do is sign his one-year deal, show up, make $7 million bucks and prove that he is worth every penny. THEN, and only then, can he bitch and moan. One good season could very well be a fluke. Prove that it isn’t. My dad says it best, just because one team (San Fran) made a mistake (Nate Clements’ ridiculous contract) doesn’t mean Belichick is going to do the same.

At this point, the Pats might as well let Asante play the field and find a team to give him a whooper contract. Maybe he can call up Damien Woody and ask him how his new team is working out?

Ty Warren will most likely be a Patriot for the rest of his career. Sounds good to me. Now, if we could just get him in the Pro Bowl where he belongs…


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  1. I was thinking the same thing and that quote by your Dad is perfect.

  2. My dad can pop out some winners. My favorite after Woody signed with Detroit – “Well, he’ll never see the playoffs again.”

  3. I’m so sick of nfl players and their holdouts. How much money does one person need? I mean seriously.

  4. EXACTLY! My dad and I go to all those autograph signings with the oldtimers that made $5000 a whole season. Compared to the minimum salaries today, it’s retarded. You’d don’t hear them whining about semantics.

  5. Why is it the only time you ever hear the world “Vaunted” is when somebody is talking about an NFL defense?

  6. haaaaaaaaa haaaaaaaaaaa I don’t know, Josh.

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