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Just Rodney being Rodney: Rodney Harrison is BACK

rodney harrison

I remember the exact morning when my dad told me of the Patriots’ newest free agent acquisition. “He’s really good,” my dad said referring to Rodney Harrison. I was vaguely familiar with Rodney Harrison and then, with the subsequent release of my favorite player at the time, Lawyer Milloy, I couldn’t have imagined how much I would grow to love Rodney. He became not only my favorite player of the moment, but my favorite Patriots player ever. Clearly, you can imagine my frustration and anger in the past few years, starting in Pittsburgh and then last year in Tennessee, when my favorite guy on the field was hurt.

I love Harrison for his intensity. It doesn’t matter if it’s a meaningless preseason game, Rodney is going to play as if it meant a spot in the playoffs. Some people think he’s mean and dirty, but I don’t see it that way. I think he’s just playing the game the same, no matter what. Unfortunately, that “dirty” tag is a hard one to shake. It cost him the MVP in Super Bowl 39 – anyone with even the most insignificant amount of football knowledge could tell you Harrison was the most valuable player of that game. Deion Branch, pfft!

My sister used to cocktail waitress at a really popular billiard hall/bar in Boston and once, Harrison came in and began playing at one of her tables. Of course, she felt compelled to call me from the bathroom and tell me about her customer. Bitch. She later told me he declined the free round of drinks management sent over saying he wouldn’t put alcohol in his body. Then he told her she was beautiful but made sure to mention he was a married man. I think I literally turned green with envy when hearing my sister’s recap. He’s a good tipper, too, according to my sister, which is more than she can say about the Boston Bruins and Celtics players who would routinely stiff the waitresses.

Anyway, last night the Patriots took on the Tennessee Titans at home and it had the intensity of a regular season game. Yeah, like there wasn’t any bad blood there… right. Rodney “My Favorite” Harrison was all over the field, clobbering opponents as if they just said something about his momma. After a ferocious take down of Titan’s QB Vince Young, I knew Rodney was back! The Rodney of yesteryear has returned, the one that takes no crap.

Welcome back, Rodney. I missed you. *tear*


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  1. Jonathan

    Football season is begining? I really couldn’t tell with your last three out of four post being about nothing of the sort. Merry preason and a Happy regular season year, Angela.

  2. HAAAAAAAAAAA wiseguy, eh?

  3. My god that was awesome. Football season is finally here, and that hit made me giggle like a schoolgirl. The Gotskowski “tackle” was great too. You have to love when a kicker gets in on the action.

    I am so excited about this season.

  4. Was that not one of the best preseason games ever?! That Gotskowski tackle was AWESOME! I was jumping out of my seat! He’s such a cutie pie. Adam who?


    Rodney is totally my favorite player, my husband is little jealous..

  6. I have always been a fan of Rodney Harrison because of his relentless work ethic . Only few days left till the real thing starts and guys start getting clobbered for real.

  7. I can’t wait! Harrison had a nice clobbering of Steve Smith last night. 😀

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