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NFL Sundays – Angela’s Roundup

In just a few short weeks, my Sunday’s will be CONSUMED with the NFL. We’re so close, I can TASTE IT! It’s becoming increasingly hard to contain my excitement. With the NFL preseason in full gear, there’s finally some football news other than who’s holding out. Here’s some of my favorites.

Blame it on the rain – Tennessee Titans’ coach Jeff Fisher blames Vince Young’s less-then-stellar performance the other night on the rain. Um, unless you’re playing in Miami or San Diego, isn’t bad weather the essence of football? Well, Fisher also suggests the Patriots’ aggressive defensive schemes were throwing off Young. That’s exciting because Belichick doesn’t show his cards in preseason so if he’s still throwing off the youngster, then we may be on to something this year.

QB Testaverde back in the fold – The Patriots prove they do not discriminate against the senior citizen set by re-signing Vinnie Testaverde to his 21st NFL season. It’s not mentioned in the article if AARP lobbied for Testaverde but the team did allow the old-timer to skip the two-a-days.

Ailing Kiffin is back – At opposite end of the age spectrum, the Oakland Raiders’ youngin’ at the helm, Lane Kiffin, 32, has mono. I know mono can be serious but, ha ha ha ha ha! My 14-year-old cousin has mono. We’re not sure where she got it from. In all seriousness, though, I hope he gets better. 😀

This just in, Chad Pennington still sucks.

Ass-ante Samuel still sits out, as does Jamarcus Russell and Larry Johnson. I think I might try that approach at my job to get a raise – oh wait, I’d be fired and replaced before I could throw my first hissy fit. *yawn*

Look ma! I wrote a whole NFL-related post without mentioning Michael Vick once!


Just Rodney being Rodney: Rodney Harrison is BACK


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  1. I can’t wait Summer is the worst time of year for me when it comes to sports. I start getting giddy about this time though when college and pro football season nears. Just a couple more weeks. Whee 😀

  2. Usually, my fantasy league holds its draft in early August so I’m tortured with anticipation. At least this year, we’re not holding our draft until the Saturday prior.

  3. I used to do the fantasy stuff as well but the folks I did the leagues with don’t seem to have much interest anymore =/ I guess that’s probably good though. It’s one less thing to obsess over ;P

  4. I’ve had the same league for 5 years now. I noticed that on the years when there’s money involved, everyone gets mean. This year we’re playing just for fun.

  5. LOL…wow. Was it a lot of money? I think I’d rather just play for fun 🙂

  6. It was just $100 but people starting aligning with each other and making ridiculous trades. The only benefit was everyone stayed involved. This year, it’ll be back to pure fun.

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