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Tom Brady has a kid

I was going to write something about Tom Brady’s newfound paternity, but that topic has already been covered everywhere. See all the things I miss on Wednesdays when I swamped with making newspapers here at work?!

As an avid Tom Brady fan, I’m really glad this whole pregnancy is over with because I was really getting sick of the way Brady was being trashed for trying to live his life while his ex was knocked up. I’m also glad that the birth occurred a few weeks before the season because with the Patriots tough first few weeks, the last thing I want is to see him completely preoccupied.

Anyway, congrats to Tom and Bridget. I wonder if we’ll see Brady Junior in 20 years, busting up defenses and loading up on championships?


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  1. I don’t know about you, but I fully expected this baby to be a boy. For some reason, it seems like that should be what Brady makes. Like Bruschi. Nothing at all wrong with a Tom Brady Mini Me.

    Is football season ever going to start…?

  2. gambitNJ69

    The kid’s gonna growup to be a High School Janitor

  3. Yeah and he’ll mop the floor with the Jets. Boo yeah!

  4. Dawn football season never ends, just the games lol…but congrats to Tom…now it’s time to focus on more important things…like winning another ring lol

  5. He looked focused last night. 😀

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