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The perils of watching football with your dad

It’s been a tradition in my house since 1995… my dad and I watch all Patriots games together. It’s how I was able to learn the game so effectively. We would watch and I’d ask questions and absorb everything. It’s fun and now every Sunday is daddy-daughter day but in recent years, something so atrocious has happened to our afternoons, it’s almost unbearable. Erectile Dysfunction ads have invaded football’s commercial time. Can I just say GGGGGGRRRRRROOOOOOSSSSSSS!

There’s nothing more awkward than watching a football game with your dad and having to endure “Male Erections” or “Ask your doctor if you are healthy enough for SEX.”

“Thanks to Cialis, I know I have 36 hours until the mood is right.” *pukes*

Last night during one of the 50 trillion Viagra ads, the list of side effects was recited with Abnormal Vision included. My dad says, “Abnormal vision is probably a good thing if you have an ugly wife.”

And now I’m going to poke my ear drums out with a Q-tip.


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  1. Very funny! That would super uncomfortable.

  2. I think you know what you need to get Dad for christmas this year. TiVo.

  3. HA! Too true. The E.D. ads are gross. The worst one is “Viva Viagra” — it’s literally riDICKulous. 😉

  4. They’re gross as is but when I’m just sitting there with my dad, they make me nauseous. Whoever devised that Viva Viagra ad deserves a swift kick in the groin. For real.

  5. LOL! too funny!

    I think as soon as the commercial hits, you should immediately head to the kitchen for a drink!

  6. I don’t suppose this would be the best blog to disparage the Patriots so I’ll give my advise about the commercials. Do what my someone I know does and make an issue out of talking about them. At the top of your lungs. Before to long he’ll leave whenever the commercials come on. And because he’ll have left the awkwardness won’t be as bad.

  7. I’ve totally tried the kitchen thing but there are just too many of these ED commercials. I don’t know if my dad will get uncomfortable – he’s too old. Ya know how older people lose their shame.

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