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Finally!!! Asante Samuel expected to end holdout today


From the Providence Journal: Samuel expected to end holdout, rejoin Pats today.

According to ProJo, Samuel flew to Boston last night (not in time for St. Anthony’s Feast) and is expected to sign his meager $7.79 million one year deal today. My heart cries for him…

All I can say to Asante is, glad you’re back but I’m still pissed. You have a lot of work to do to win me back.


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  1. Hope it is true, but like you said, he’s got some work to do. Hope he can scrape by on that meager salary.. phht.

  2. For my dad’s quote of the day – “That doesn’t excite me at all. He’s so far behind, he’s not going to be ready for weeks.”

    Samuel has officially pissed off my dad.

  3. For the sake of the team I hope he can make up for lost time, but at the same time, it would serve him right if he hurt his own chances of getting PAID by not being ready to play to start the season.. The best interest of the Pats come first though. At worst he adds depth to the roster area that always seems to get depleted.

  4. I wonder if he feels stupid walking into the lockerroom today? I know I would.

  5. Nah. He just made 8 million so he’s probably feeling ok 😉

  6. I think some of the vets should give him a rookie-style hazing to welcome him back. 😀

  7. Only in the world of professional sports, US professional sports at that, could someone pull this off

  8. I think that’s why they don’t understand why average folks don’t support them.

  9. Ellis Hobbs comment about ‘we’re not going to throw him a parade’ was funny.

  10. It’s about damn time….he knew they weren’t gonna bend. He was just trying to avoid the two-a-days…

  11. I frickin’ love Ellis Hobbs.

    Dame, it is about damn time.

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