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Matt Millen, lookout! Mastermind Football lets me be boss

I have a newfound respect for Bob Kraft after spending hours playing Mastermind Football. They weren’t joking when they thought of their tagline, “football for your brain.”

Mastermind is sort of like fantasy football while being completely different at the same time. Instead of arranging a team of actual NFL players and earning points based on your players’ stats, Mastermind gives you the opportunity to actually run a team. You’re given a roster, a salary cap, and some cash to spend. There are no Tom Bradys or Ocho-Cincos. All players have certain qualities and it is your job as manager to find the right pieces to make a winning team. Each player has qualities such as ego, level of discipline, amount of experience and salary. It’s your job to determine who will be the best fit for your team. It’s up to you to hire coaches, bench egomaniacs (and there are a few) and find the best talent, all while staying under your cap.

Now, here’s where Mastermind gets really fun… you are able to join “seasons”. You are able to choose from a list of open leagues and once the quote of teams is met, the season starts. Just like in real life, you play against the opponents in your league and each game your team plays has full play-by-play stats.

Think it’s easy? Oh no, it is not. I’m quickly learning that my lackadaisical approach to managing just ain’t cutting it. As of late, the Boston Bruschis (that’s my team’s name) are 0-3 and are preparing to face the formidable (and undefeated) Queens New York Tigers. Right now, I’m the New Orleans Saints of my league. I made some drastic changes tonight like benching my starting running back with the HIGH ego and salary and I’m in search of a new kicker. I’m working my way up from A.J. Smith to Scott Pioli (hopefully).

Mastermind football requires much more strategy than run-of-the-mill fantasy football. I’m still really new to the game but I’m slowly learning my way as I go. I’ll keep everyone posted on my progress. You could also sign up for Mastermind and we can learn together?

Deep Thoughts by Angela Handy

The only thing better than a Sunday is a Monday after a Patriots victory – well, minus the whole “start of the work week” thing.

I was really hoping the Bills would score a one last touchdown so the Patriots could win three games in a row 38-14. I’m curious if that’s ever happened before.

Some other things I was thinking yesterday…

–I know everyone thinks Rex Grossman sucks but I did notice his receivers drop a bunch of decent passes last night. I’m just saying…

–After being slapped with a whooper $500K fine by the NFL, I was wondering if Bill Belichick could help pay for it by signing with Sony to endorse their wide array of camcorders.

–That UPS Whiteboard guy must be really awesome at Pictionary.

–I wonder how badly the Eagles players laughed when they first saw those atrociously ugly throwback uniforms. I also wonder how badly they cringed when they were told they’d have to actually wear them – and on TV no less.

–Yeah, I’m sure LT and Phillip Rivers were just having a “discussion.” I’m sensing some karmic retribution over there.

–Kurt Warner’s still got it.

–I’m happy for Green Bay’s success and for no other reason than my old buddy, old pal, Goob, who is a true Cheesehead.

Today on Yahoo!, I read this:

Overshadowed champs: When was the last time a Super Bowl team started 3-0 in defense of its title and was such an afterthought? The Indianapolis Colts have displayed the right mixture of offense and defense while beating three teams that seemingly had legitimate chances of prevailing, yet all the attention is on the high-scoring Patriots and disappointing Chargers. Somewhere in the Colts locker room, there’s a player or coach on the verge of playing the disrespect card.

Hello? How ’bout NEP 2002, 2004 & 2005? A little role reversal, ya think?

Leave Bill Belichick Alone!

I don’t usually like to embed videos on this page, but this one’s worth it. 😀

I’m Italian: we hold grudges

The first indication that Jet’s coach Eric Mangini may have opened a can of worms that he cannot close – “Ever hear of Steve Scarnecchia? He’s the New York Jets director of video operations. Two interesting points on his resume: He’s a former video man for the Patriots. He is also the son of New England assistant head coach Dante Scarnecchia, Belichick’s right-hand man. And you wonder why we think the Jets might have some blood on their video hands.” – today’s Monday Morning QB column by Peter King.


Brian Billick believes Jets cheated. I betcha Billick only mentioned this as payback.

Eric Mangini sucks

There’s still no word if the Jets are urging the NFL to investigate Baltimore after yesterday’s loss.

Last night’s Patriots-Chargers game was, in a word, AWESOME! If you like football, you’ve most likely seen highlights of the game already so there’s no point in me recapping it. If you don’t like football… what’s the matter with you?! 😉

In hindsight, it almost seems like this camera thing was worth it when it comes to the players. Roosevelt Colvin played like Bobby Boucher after Philip Rivers insulted his mama. They’re pissed off and, any experienced Pats fan will tell you, that’s how we like ’em.

What the hell is a column inch: How to advertise in a local newspaper

I know, I know, Craigslist is king. Everyone is hooked on internet marketing and reaching the global economy blah blah blah. What happens if you want to open a small ice cream shop or cafe in your hometown? Sure, you can set up a website (and you should!), but you need to reach the local community and fast. Remember, the whole world hasn’t gone digital yet. HELLO local newspaper!

What the hell is a column inch anyway
If you request a newspaper’s rates, you’ll see something along the lines of “$14 per column inch.” That doesn’t mean your ad will be $14, silly. Per Column Inch is how newspapers measure their display ads. To decide your column inch, you need to first decide how big you’d like your ad. Simply put, you take how many columns ACROSS your ad will be, multiply that by how many inches in DEPTH your ad will be, multiply that by the column inch rate and, presto chango, you have your ad’s price.

It’s really not complicated because I am a math-idiot and I can handle it.

Let’s say you want to put in a nicely-sized square announcing your cafe’s specials. You play around in Photoshop and whip up at cute 4″ x 4″ ad that you’d like to run. Your local newspaper’s page is five columns across and each column is 2 inches so you’ll need 2 columns across and 4″ in depth. Here’s where your third grade math teacher would be proud: 2 x 4= 8 x $14 = $112 (And yes, I totally just used a calculator to get that number).

Also remember, some newspapers will charge you if you would like your ad in a specific spot within the paper and/or if you would like your ad in color. If you are graphically-challenged, some newspapers will charge you for ad creation. Mine doesn’t.

Sending your ad over, for the more graphically-inclined
You now know how much it will cost, but can the newspaper use the cute little 4 x 4 ad you made? You’re going to have to check. Your best bet is to make it into a PDF. Do not assume that because you have Microsoft Publisher, so will the newspaper. Please, for the love of God! You can use PDF online if you can’t print them yourself. Additionally, Microsoft Word is NOT FOR MAKING ADS! There, I said it. That felt good.

Also, if your ad is to be in color, make sure you check with your paper on color settings. For example, we use CMYK process color. If you use the wrong settings, your ad will show in black & white and/or the newspaper’s production department will curse you and you don’t want that, right? And don’t forget to check your images. GIFs and PNGs might be great for online but in a newspaper, not so much. Did you use some funky font you found on Yeah, that might not work either.

Confused? Just send you stuff over and let the ad department make it. They know what they’re doing.

The most important tip – make sure you know your newspaper’s deadline. I know you’re busy running your cafe and all, but your newspaper’s staff is busy too.

And you’re done!
Your ad is ready to be published. Why not see if your newspaper will publish a press release for your cafe? Hey, if you advertise with them, they might even write a feature on your cafe!

This was written for the “How-To” Group Writing Project! Thanks, Sarah!

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