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Matt Millen, lookout! Mastermind Football lets me be boss

28 September 2007


I have a newfound respect for Bob Kraft after spending hours playing Mastermind Football. They weren’t joking when they thought of their tagline, “football for your brain.” Mastermind is sort of like fantasy football while being completely different at the same time. Instead of arranging a team of actual NFL players and earning points based […]

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Deep Thoughts by Angela Handy

24 September 2007


The only thing better than a Sunday is a Monday after a Patriots victory – well, minus the whole “start of the work week” thing. I was really hoping the Bills would score a one last touchdown so the Patriots could win three games in a row 38-14. I’m curious if that’s ever happened before. […]

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Leave Bill Belichick Alone!

17 September 2007


I don’t usually like to embed videos on this page, but this one’s worth it.

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I’m Italian: we hold grudges

17 September 2007


The first indication that Jet’s coach Eric Mangini may have opened a can of worms that he cannot close – “Ever hear of Steve Scarnecchia? He’s the New York Jets director of video operations. Two interesting points on his resume: He’s a former video man for the Patriots. He is also the son of New […]

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What the hell is a column inch: How to advertise in a local newspaper

15 September 2007


I know, I know, Craigslist is king. Everyone is hooked on internet marketing and reaching the global economy blah blah blah. What happens if you want to open a small ice cream shop or cafe in your hometown? Sure, you can set up a website (and you should!), but you need to reach the local […]

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